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Samsung apes Apple, announces next Galaxy flagship will feature 64-bit chip


It looks like smartphones are all set to go sixty-four-bit. After Apple unveils the iPhone 5s, which is considered the primary smartphone in keeping with a sixty-four-bit architecture chip, South Korean electronics massive Samsung has also stated that its subsequent smartphone can be powered 64-bit. Samsung’s cellular trade chief Shin Jong-Kyun told Korea occasions that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy-branded smartphones would include 64-bit processing functionality.


Not in the shortest time. However, yes, our subsequent smartphones may have 64-bit processing performance,” Shin mentioned. The Apple iPhone 5s is the primary mobile phone with an ARM chip that has 64-bit improve. The chip has 64-bit laptop-category architecture, a modern guideline set, 2x general-objective registers, 2x floating-level registers, and over 1 billion transistors in step with Apple.

In desktop computing, a sixty-four-bit processor can perform sure tasks at double the speed of a 32-bit one as it could actually address more unstable reminiscence or RAM. A 32-bit CPU is limited to only 4GB RAM, so a 64-bit CPU addresses that restriction. however, Apple has now not shed any light on the quantity of RAM inside the iPhone 5s (it frequently does not), although it’s unbelievable that it comes with more than 4GB. Overall, whether the move to 64-bits has any real-world advantages in the interim is questionable. Whereas Apple has said that the processor is twice as quick as the iPhone 5 and forty times quicker than the first iPhone, the transfer to 64-bit is probably going most effective a small element in that. Unquestionably, there are several other improvements beneath.

The document talks about how Samsung is geared up to tackle Apple within the Chinese market, the place it has a so much higher market share compared to the Cupertino large. on the other hand, with the launch of the brand new iPhones, Apple has elevated its focus on China by including it in the first section of the iPhones’ unlock. Apple has also reportedly won approval to supply the tool with China’s biggest carrier, China cellular, which uses its proprietary 3G network.

The brand new iPhones additionally enhance a much broader range of 4G LTE bands, making them a good-looking proposition for Chinese language buyers. then again, contrary to rumors, Apple’s new iPhone 5c shouldn’t be a low-price offering which may go against Apple as the Chinese market is worth acutely aware and Samsung and Chinese language gamers like Lenovo and Xiaomi offer a much bigger vary of smartphones across totally different worth points.

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The Korea times document additionally cites Samsung officers as pronouncing that Chinese authorities had just lately accredited Samsung to integrate time-division duplexing (TDD) LTE know-how on the corporate’s future gadgets and that Samsung plans to unencumber mobile units that beef up both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE in China beforehand of earlier schedules.