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How to Use Google Analytics for WordPress in 2022

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools marketers, SEO specialists, and web admins use to track their websites. In this article, we...

Amazon: Snowfall is a bigger problem than worker strikes

An employee loading orders in one in every of Amazon's factories. Hundreds of alternate union staff in Amazon's German factories have staged a series...

HTC goes for gold with new One

HTC is it sounds as if entering the gold-colored recreation with a new One Smartphone. Finland-based retailer Gigantic on Monday began selling a gold-colored...

IPhone Software’s Will Rock the World

With the release of the iPhone in the international marketplace, there's a remarkable boom in demand for those devices. With extraordinary performance and functionality,...

MTV Fashiontronix Makes A Gadget Statement

TV and Sound logic collectively launched an uber cool range of gadgets for the adolescence – MTV Fashiontronix by Sound logic. The entire range...