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New iPads not expected at September 10 iPhone launch event


While individuals are waiting for Apple to ship invites for its September 10 experience, the place it’s anticipated to announce the following generation iPhone and a low-cost iPhone, the company can be rumored to be engaged in subsequent iterations the iPad and the iPad mini, its bestselling drugs.

However, a Bloomberg file that was majorly about Apple’s plans to open an Apple store in Tokyo also had a passing point out of the company releasing a new model of its capsules on the lot mentioned September 10. this is not the first time it mentioned the potential for Apple to release new iPads in its experiences. It had mentioned new iPads in an earlier file about Samsung and Sony launching their new units at the IFA.


While Bloomberg has now up to date the article to get rid of point out of the brand new iPads, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, who is smartly connected at Apple, and has a really perfect track file of being correct with Apple-related rumors, also brushed aside the rumored categorically bringing up that there would be no new iPads on the September 10 experience Media Focus.

Interestingly, Bloomberg’s previous document recommended that Apple free up new iPad fashions, together with an iPad with a thinner physique design and an iPad mini with a high-resolution monitor, later this 12 months, however no longer on the September 10 iPhone event. So it can be surprising that it contradicted its personal reviews.

Numerous rumors, together with a record employing the credible Wall side road Journal have suggested that Apple is modeling its subsequent-era iPad on the iPad mini regarding design and type issues. The WSJ report urged that the new iPad will feature the identical touch-panel expertise that’s seen in the iPad mini, making it thin and lightweight, and provides that Apple intends to make use of the film-based contact panel used in the iPad mini instead of the glass-primarily based one that’s sported by using the whole-sized iPad.

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Recently, a video showing the front and back panel of the fifth-technology iPad assembled had seemed online, showing a design completely different from the current era iPad. Previous to that, pictures of alleged again panels of the following-technology iPad and iPad mini had also regarded online on a site.

The purported iPad rear casing was moderately smaller than the casing of the current generation iPad, and the website mentioned that the distance between the border and monitor of the iPad 5 used to be so much shorter than the earlier iPads, indicating that the new iPad would appear much like the iPad mini with smaller bezels. The casing had the Apple brand carved out and no longer just printed on it, in the pictures.