In order to trap subscribers into observing ads, Tata Docomo has introduced new carrier dubbed GET or ‘Get straightforward Talk time’. Announced in partnership with mad call, the Telco allows subscribers to choose when they wish to watch an ad after which compensates them for watching it with free speak time. For each and every commercial viewed, the carrier supplier will offer one minute of free speak time Jav Leech.

To use the service, Tata Docomo customers have to type “GET” and SMS it to 52323. In addition to, customers can simply supply a neglected call to 52323 to spark off the service. Android users additionally get the solution to download the GET app from the Google Play retailer.


Get Easy Talktime

Get simple Talk time

Both prepaid and postpaid buyers can avail of the brand new provider. GET is appropriate for Tata Decoma’s GSM as well as CDMA networks. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which mobile OS your cell phone is in keeping with – Android, Java, Simian or BlackBerry. Knowledge fees are applicable for looking at these ads; however customers may additionally watch these ads over Wi-Fi.


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This strategic transfer by using Tata Docomo appears to be one of the most first campaigns of this kind in India that offers free speak time for observing commercials. Let’s wait and watch if this new move to advertise mobile ads is a hit or miss.