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Was Microsoft using PS4 Watch Dogs footage on YouTube?


Watchdogs could seem so good on the ps4 that even Microsoft made up our minds to showcase the game on its competitor’s hardware. That or somebody made a giant mistake when uploading gameplay pictures of the upcoming Ubisoft stealth motion title. Watchful viewers of the months-previous video — uploaded to Microsoft’s professional Xbox YouTube account — observed most effective lately a moderate discrepancy in the photos wherein a button prompt, visible for only a 2nd, indicated a circle as a possibility. The only problem is that the circle is a pushbutton, whereas the Xbox One uses crimson “B” repeatedly for the same actual input.

Was Microsoft using PS4 Watch Dogs footage on YouTube? 1

In line with Reedit user LordofMylar, Microsoft uploaded a slightly edited version of the video to cover the button monitor. Still, the above screenshot made its method to well-liked boards, including an entrance page Reedit publish, for all to see, prompting Microsoft to move in advance and cast off the video from its account.

Some skeptics claim that this could all be a doctored smear marketing campaign headed up by devoted Sony lovers, noting a lack of timestamp in the lot-circulated screenshots. That scenario seems unlikely, although if the video was taken down. We have now reached out to Microsoft for comment and can replace this story if we hear again.

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There is likely an absolutely affordable reason behind this. in all probability, writer Ubisoft gave out the same photos to both Sony and Microsoft and accidentally integrated a display with button prompts. The oldsters over at Redmond made the painful mistake of holding within the video once they uploaded it. That won’t, alternatively, stem the flood of controversy that in the meantime engulfs the gaming group concerning comparisons between the two next-gen consoles.

Sony’s PS4 hits retailer shelves on November 15 for $399, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox One will likely be to be had on November 22 for $499. A simple Google search of “Xbox One vs. ps4” provides sufficient proof of the following web division so that Microsoft could have an important misstep on its arms thanks to a split-second screengrab.