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Fundamentals Are Verified With an Associate Level Certification


EMC has implemented the three-tier certification program to discern basic and advanced skills, general and specific knowledge, simple and complex information that form the basis of many jobs in the storage and information management sector of IT. All certification tracks that IT has to offer begin with the associate level certification. This certification validates basic, general knowledge in various storage jobs and roles within the workplace. All knowledge extended to exam candidates is practical and presented to prepare candidates of all backgrounds for the workplace.


The general nature of the information is proven because most of the tracks require the same associate-level certification to be earned before moving forward. This is a good thing for several reasons. Although certain associate-level certifications, such as the ones for the Data Scientist, Cloud Architect, and Product Specific tracks, are specific only to that track, the Information Storage and Management (EMCISA) certification and Backup Recovery (EMCBA) certification are common to all other tracks. Participants can earn this certification before deciding which track to move forward with, providing a lot of room change if still undecided on your future in the field. Once you have earned this certification, you can continue to the specialist level of certification in all tracks it is accepted in.

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The EMCISA certification can be earned by passing the E10-001 or E20-001 exam. The EMCBA certification can be earned by passing the E20-005 exam. Training courses and other study materials can be purchased directly from EMC. Because basic IT storage skills will be validated with this certification, it is constructive to go through ExamTrace’s education program before taking the exam. Being highly skilled at this level will result in a lot of success when continuing onto specialist and expert level certifications.