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Twitter upping security to thwart government hacking


Following in the footsteps of different tech firms, Twitter is beefing up its security to make it tougher for outsiders — together with the government — to uncover data, the corporate introduced Friday. Twitter has added ahead secrecy, a safety measure that uses brief, particular person keys to encrypt every net session, as an alternative to counting on a single grasp key.

Twitter upping security to thwart government hacking 1

Championed by Google, ahead secrecy manner an out of doors group cannot use the identical key to decrypt earlier messages. The additional security will add some lag time when connecting to Twitter — about one hundred fifty milliseconds in the us and up to a 2d in countries that might be farther away from Twitter’s servers. Two Twitter engineers advised the New York occasions. But the company thinks the prolong is price it.

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Previous to these 12 months, Edward Snowden leaked data that the national security agency spied on tech firms. Spurred via the leaks, several expertise firms, together with Google and fib, stated they had adopted further security features to protect user knowledge.