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Twitter testing account to track viral tweets, may compete with Favstar


After trying to inform its customers about breaking news occasions and the perfect bills to practice, Twitter has kicked off yet another experimental account. With this new account, Twitter is going to aim predicting what tweets will go viral on the micro-blogging website.

Named @magic stats, the account’s description reads, “I favourite the very best tweets I see in actual-time”. There isn’t much that you’ll be able to discover from the account itself, since it’s secure and does no longer approve of followers. Twitter appears to be preserving this account’s activities hush-hush for now.

Getting behind tweets that will go viral

Getting behind tweets with a purpose to go viral

However, the subsequent internet and TechCrunch each have noticed a pattern with Magic Stats. The former e-newsletter says that a couple of its tweets were favourited through the account and acquired well over an a hundred rewets within just a few hours of Magic Stats stepping in. TechCrunch too writes that a couple of of its tweets that had been favourited with the aid of the account appear to be doing lovely neatly on each favorite in addition to rewets metrics.

The account has, primarily, discovered a solution to trawl via Twitter and to find tweets that supposedly have the prospective to move viral on the micro-blogging website online. It was initially set up to monitoring the MagicRecs experiment by way of Twitter. The account essentially advisable profiles to follow on Twitter to those what’ve signed up for the service.

TechCrunch reports that sooner than the account was changed into a protected one, a take a look at its favorites column had confirmed that Magic Stats would never favourite a tweet first. It all the time followed a lead that helps the account discover a tweet’s possible. It’s broadly being believed that Twitter is planning faster competitors in-house.

For these no longer within the be aware of, Faster is a third-birthday celebration carrier that lets you flick thru favourited tweets. It’s a yardstick of fashionable tweets and which you can even “award” a tweet with the title of “Tweet of the Day”. Faster is a highly regarded carrier and also bargains top class products and services for tweets. Twitter has been experimenting with a bunch of palms-on debts like MagicRecs and Event Parrot so we might no longer be shocked if the micro-running a blog website online does indeed announce sooner or later that it’s began a service merely to trace viral tweets.