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Torrents and Torrentus.to – They go hand in hand


In this guide, we’ll be giving you all the essential information regarding torrents and explaining to you the superb site that torrents. To.

What is a torrent?

Firstly, what is a torrent? A torrent is a file that stores metadata which can then be used by torrent clients such as uTorrent to download that file to the PC it is on. One thing to note is that it is not the same as BitTorrent – BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol.

Downloading torrents

Now you know what a torrent is, and you’ll need to know how to download one. This is pretty straightforward and easy. There are many sites available where you can search for torrents and download them from your web browser. You then open up the torrent using your torrent client, such as uTorrent. This will then begin the process of downloading the data for your specific file.


How torrents work

When you are downloading the data from your torrent file, several things happen. Firstly the BitTorrent will try and gain a connection to the tracker. The tracker has a list of all the available peers from which the data can be sourced from.

These users are currently downloading the same data or users who have previously downloaded the full set of data and are seeding the file for other users. With torrents, you will often find that the speed of the download is dependent on popularity. A recently released movie or album will seed much faster than an older movie/album.

With torrents, everyone who has ever downloaded a piece of the file can essentially be a seeder. This is what makes torrents so effective. In all cases, the more people with pieces of the seeding file, the quicker the download speeds. It is said that download speeds can reach over 1.5mbs.

You should also be aware that if you do not seed your files, you can face penalties as you are known as a “leecher” – someone who downloads from other users but doesn’t allow users to download from them.

TorrentUs.to to find torrents

You may be wondering where torrents. To fits into all of this, but not to worry, we’ll explain now—what torrents. Does it index the most popular Russian and international torrent trackers for torrent files? Using their advanced and intelligent system, the meta-description of torrents will be saved to create a search by torrent sites.

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Torrents. Essentially gathers all the best torrents from all the best torrent sites and puts them on a search results page that brings the very best to the top of the page. You can think of it as the Google of the torrent world.

When you need to search for a torrent but don’t want the hassle of sifting through different torrent sites, just head over to Torrents, and you’ll get the latest torrents laid out in front of you. Once you’ve found the torrent you are looking for from the site, you’ll be redirected to the original tracker, and you’ll be able to start your download. You can also get the latest Bittorrent news on Torrentus Blog.