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Smoking On The Go and USB Pass-through


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular as people tend to find them the modern cigarette of choice. Blu electronic cigarette is one of the many online sites that make the product available. The need to be near a power source, on the other hand, can become stressful when using an e-cig. The good news is that the e-cig battery can be charged while on the go.

USB pass-through


A USB pass-through is a wire that plugs into a USB port and can replace a battery. There are various models of batteries out there, as well as many options when it comes to pass-through as well. Manual and automatic pass-through is an option, but inline batteries are also available.

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How Does It Work?

For the electronic cigarette to function, the atomizer needs to be powered to heat up and transform the e-liquid into vapor. This is where the battery comes in. It helps the atomizer do its job, but it also needs to be charged. The USB helps the battery to be constantly charged.  When vaping with a fully charged battery, the smoking experience is much better than when the battery is half charged.

Devices that allow pass-through and use a direct USB line will deliver a higher voltage than a normal battery. Even if, in some cases, the atomizer heats up, the e-cig will give a better kick than it would, used otherwise. When using an electronic cigarette, bear in mind that the pass-through is not made equal and that their performance can vary.

PCC and other

A Personal Charging Case can prove itself useful, especially because its purpose is to be carried along.  It looks like a normal cigarette pack, but a little bit slimmer; it can be used to carry two atomizers (one for use and one for spare), two cartridges, and one battery. The good news is that a PCC can have its internal battery charged via a USB port. Another option is acquiring one that charges with the help of a wall plug. The PCC is a friendly device that an on-the-go electronic cigarette user can enjoy at any time, no matter the location.

Being tied to a power source can prove annoying, which is when the PCC makes its entrance. The Personal Charging Case can be used to recharge the battery three or four times. The product will need to be changed afterward to be used again.