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5 Cheap Sky TV Packages


Sky is one of the leading digital TV providers in the UK. It offers various kinds of digital TV packages that suit everyone. Apart from digital TV, Sky also provides other services like high-speed broadband and phone calls. Therefore most of the digital TV packages that sky offers come with free broadband and phone calls. Besides this, sky allows you to choose the channels you want to watch, which means you will be paying for the channels you watch. Today we are listing 5 cheap sky tv offers that are budget-friendly and fit everyone’s needs.


 1) Sky+ TV Original: Sky+ TV Original is one of the cheapest digital TV packages available in the market. It offers 302 channels with some high-end features like pause, rewind, and record live TV. Among 302 channels, 8 channels come in HD quality to deliver you a sharp and perfect picture on the screen. Other features of this package include a free Sky+HD Box, free installation, and a £25 voucher coupon. The subscription charge of Sky+ TV original is £10.75 for the first 6 months, after that £21.50 per month Global Amend.

2) Sky+ TV Entertainment Extra & Weekend Calls: This package is a variation of the Sky+ TV original package; in this package, the sky has increased the number of channels to 365 and added a free weekend calls feature. The number of HD quality channels in this package is still 8. The subscription charge of this package is £13.50 per month for the first 6 months, and after that, you have to pay £27 per month. This package comes with a 12-month contract.

3) Sky+ HD Family: This Sky tv package is the best choice for those who love to watch HD channels on their TVs. This package comes with 399 channels. Among them, 42 are high-quality channels. This package also offers a Sky+ HD box free with it and gives you features like pausing and recording TV. The subscription charge of this package is £16 per month for the first 6 months and £32 per month after 6 months. Price is slightly higher than other packages, but it provides value for money.

4) Sky+ HD family, Broadband & Weekend Calls: This sky tv offer is really a complete entertainment package. This package comes with 16 Mbps high-speed broadband, free weekend calls, 399 channels, including 42 HD channels. The subscription charge of this package is the same as the Sky+ HD family package, but it includes an additional one-time charge of £15.40 as a line rental charge.

5) Sky+ TV Original with Sky Movies, Broadband & Talk: Last but not least, the all-new Sky+ TV original package provides various high-quality features like 12 movies channels, 316 normal channels, 8 HD channels, free 16 Mbps unlimited broadband, and unlimited calls anytime. The subscription charge for this package is £18,75 per month and after 6 months £37.50 per month. This package comes with a 12-month contract, and you have to bear a £15.40 one-timeline rental charge for broadband.

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