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5 Cheap Bt Broadband Packages


BT is one of the biggest landline, television, and broadband providers in the United Kingdom. It offers budget-friendly and efficient services to its users. Broadband is the biggest service that Bt is offering currently. If you are looking for cheap, high-speed internet plans, then bt broadband packages would be a good choice for you. So today, we are listing 5 cheap Bt broadband packages that provide a lightning-fast surfing experience.


1) BT Unlimited Broadband Evening and Weekend Calls: This package is one of the cheapest broadband packages available in the market nowadays. It offers unlimited data usage with 16Mb Broadband speed. Besides this, it comes with free evening and weekend phone line calls. The BT Unlimited Broadband package price is £8 a month for 12 months and £16 after 12 months.

2) BT Broadband with Free Sports: If you are an internet addict and enjoy watching sports at free time, then this bt broadband package would be a good choice for you. This Broadband package comes with 10 GB of usage data and speeds up to 16Mb. The price of this broadband package is £10 per month.

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3) BT Unlimited Broadband Extra and Calls: This is another unlimited broadband package from BT broadband with 16MB of downloading speed. The best thing about this package is it’s completely free for the first 6 months, and after that, you have to pay only £16 per month. You can enjoy unlimited data usage per month in this package as well as this package includes a £50 Sainsbury’s gift card free.

4) BT Infinity 1 Broadband and Calls: This is the best plan for heavy internet users who wants a lightning-fast internet browsing experience. This plan has 38 Mb downloading speed and free evening and weekend calls. This package also comes with a free Sainsbury’s gift card worth £100.

5) BT Infinity Unlimited Broadband and Evening Calls: The last but not the least is “BT Infinity Unlimited.” This is one of the best plans available in the market nowadays. It comes with unlimited data usage at an unbelievable download speed of 76Mbps. This package also provides you free evening and weekend calls like BT Infinity 1 package. The price of this package is £20 per month, and this also comes with a £100 Sainsbury’s gift card.