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India ranked lowly 130 in Ookla’s average Internet download speed index


While up-to-date stories have Fortricks indicating that India’s average web speed has been chosen, the latest numbers from Okla.’s net Index show that it still lags behind smaller countries like Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, Nigeria, Laos, and Zimbabwe in terms of web download speeds. The company, whereas displaying the typical Index information, says that the implications had been got to analyze check results from October 27, 2013, to November 25 of the identical 12 months.

The numbers exhibit that India is ranked at the hundred and thirtieth positions with a typical obtain velocity of 4.18Mbps. The survey gathered outcomes from 9,346,234 distinctive IPs, and 2,803147 results were used for the current Index out of a total selection of 43,035,182 exams carried out. These locations, the U. S. lower down the chain compared to the common download speed in Nigeria, standing at 5.14Mbps or Nepal, which stands at four.92Mbps. In contrast, countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Bhutan have average obtain speeds of 4.66Mbps, 4.73Mbps, and four.41Mbps respectively. Zimbabwe boasts a mild greater average of four.20Mbps.


Still have a ways to go

Still have an extended solution to go.

The top 5 positions relating to download speeds went to Hong Kong at seventy-one.22Mbps, Singapore at fifty-two.75Mbps, Romania at 50.26Mbps, South Korea at forty-seven. 20Mbps, and Sweden at forty-two. 35Mbps. The united states ranked 31 with an ordinary download pace of 20.74Mbps while the worldwide reasonable used 16.20Mbps. Countries like Afghanistan, Malawi, Benin, and the Gambia ranked at the backside of the Index with reasonable obtain speeds of 1.13Mbps, 1.16 Mbps, 1.21Mbps, 1.36Mbps, and 1. forty-six Mbps, respectively.

On the subject of upload speeds, India fared slightly better, ranking at 93rd place with a typical upload speed of 2.91Mbps. Hong Kong recorded the best moderate download speed at fifty-eight.99Mbps, followed by South Korea at forty.06Mbps, Singapore at 37.14Mbps, and Macau at 36.48Mbps, and Andorra at 35.98Mbps. The United States recorded a normal upload speed of 6.30Mbps while the worldwide moderate stood at 7.08Mbps. The company has stated that this information used to be in line with thousands and thousands of up to data. Take a look at results from Speedtest.net.

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The Index additionally tabulated the worth index at which moderate internet speeds are supplied, i.e., how much they value per Mbps. India ranked fifty-fifth on the subject of price per Mbps, standing at $eleven.27 (Rs 700 approx) but ranked 61st when considering the GDP per capita. The info used to be tabulated, bearing in mind the relative value of broadband, the relative value per Mbps, the real value per Mbps, and the associated fee with admire to IP addresses. The Index drew from 55,914 surveys to arrive at this result. The average cost per Mbps globally used to be pegged at $7.04 (Rs 430 approx).

While the internet penetration in India has simplest managed to hit sixteen % of the total inhabitants, a up to date report discovered that the united states would outstrip us in 2014 to become the 2d greatest internet population globally. Whereas the quantity is predicted to hit 213 million by the end of this yr, through June 2014, India is anticipated to have 243 million web users. When put next, we presently debts for 207 million web users. China at the moment leads the race, although accounting for more than 300 million web customers.