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New version of HTC One coming this year — report


The HTC One has simplest been on sale for just a few months, but a brand new version of it is rumored to be coming earlier than year’s end. And subsequent year, on the way to be adopted by an HTC One 2, if you’re going to, mentioned being codenamed the HTC M8. There are additionally rumors of a plastic model of the at present metallic-shelled HTC One-Owner Business.

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Tech weblog Pocket-lint predicts that the new model of the One will see greater innards, presumably together with a Snapdragon 800 chip as an alternative to the present model’s 600. A plastic model of the One is expected to combine HTC’s Butterfly vary of less expensive phones into the One steady. Additional important points are sparse, however. The identical goes for the M8, anticipated to be the successor to the One in 2014.