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The best tips and tricks for using the iPhone 5


The best tricks, tips, and guides for using the iPhone 5 to the fullest and not miss any detail or function of this amazing Smartphone from Apple are the best.

Save images from the Internet.

In the Safari app, hold an image to save it to the Camera Roll or copy it into an MMS or email.

The iPhone 5 works to dictation.

Instead of typing your emails, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and speak. When you give OK, your words are converted into text. Use dictation to write messages, writing things, update your Facebook status, tweet, and much more.

Siri writes you emails.

When you receive an email, you can give a quick answer. Just say “Reply,” and Siri will write the message you give them.

Take pictures faster.

The camera icon is always available from the lock screen. Swipe up to open the Camera app.


Change of scene.

In panoramic photo mode, you can capture scenes from left to right or right to left. Tap the arrow to change direction.

Upgrade the mail, moving a finger.

Are falling an important message? Upgrade inboxes with minimal effort by sliding your finger down quickly

Put full-screen websites.

When you want to see things in a big way, put your iPhone in a horizontal position and tap the full-screen icon and see web pages without distractions, particularly when iPhone contracts on the fastest network are considered.

What’s new?

Notification center’s best tricks and tips for using the iPhone 5Notification Center alerts you to new messages, event invitations, friend requests, and more. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view a summary of recent notifications.

Create reminders.

Assign dates to your list of dos, and Reminders will send notices. If you add a location, you will receive notice as you arrive or you leave that place. You can also set priorities and add notes.

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Tweet and publish.

Go to Settings, sign in once, and you can tweet or update your Facebook status directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, and Maps. Or you can ask Siri.

Make AirPlay streaming.

With Airplay’s best tricks and tips for using the iPhone 5With, AirPlay Mirroring can see the screen of the iPhone 5 on your HDTV via Apple TV. Just double-tap the home button, swipe to the right of everything, and select AirPlay Mirroring.

Customize the keyboard.

Create your own dictionary with words, and so shortcuts to the keyboard automatically correct typos and know what to write. For example, you can send a message that says “on my way” by simply typing ‘Vdc.’ Go to Settings and tap General> Keyboard> Quick Create function.

Create an event in a trice.

Touch anywhere on the calendar to create an event. If there are last-minute changes, drag the event to relocate. Choose the view by day, month, or list, and turn the iPhone to landscape to see the full week.

Each alert with your partner.

Assign tone or vibration types specific to the sender for new emails, calendar alerts, tweets, and reminders. Go to Settings, tap Sounds and select a tone or vibration for each.

Find your iPhone.

If you do not find your iPhone, Find My iPhone providing you can lend a hand. But first, do not forget to go to Settings> iCloud and activate the service.

Add emoticons icon smile.

Access all types of emoticons, cartoon animals, figures, and some surprises with emoji keyboard. Go to Settings> General> International Keyboards and tap Keyboard. Add the keyboard you want and select Emoji. Each time you write, tap the button on the globe and choose the icon that gives you more rage.

Disconnects a little.

Do not disturb the best tips and tricks for using the iPhone 5Enable Do Not Disturb Settings to mute all incoming calls and alerts. Activate it by hand or program a schedule. You can also allow calls from your favorite contacts or groups you choose.

Back up with a twist.

Scroll to the top The best tricks and tips for using the iPhone 5In Safari, Mail, Contacts, and many other apps can tap the status bar (which shows the operator information, time, and battery status) to scroll to the bottom in a second.

Lock the screen orientation.

Double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking bar and scroll from left to right. Touch the icon to activate the vertical orientation, then tap again to deselect it.

Put a pin right there.

In Maps, holding down a specific point appear a pin. So you can see the address of that place, read driving directions or share the location with a friend if you want to be.

Pinch to zoom.

In the Camera app, pinch to zoom in or zoom in up to 5x. You can also use the zoom slider. How do you see it?

Add PDFs to iBooks.

From an email from Mail or a web page, press and hold the PDF icon or link, and then select Open in iBooks.

Keep it all organized with Passbook compatible apps.

Download compatible apps App Store and buy tickets or tickets with these apps appear in Passbook.

Make web clips.

To add a website to the Home screen, go to the page in Safari, tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen and select Add to Home Screen. There might be several Internet Connection problems. It will take time to load up the clips, so I suggest you try EE 4g Uk coverage, making the global connection faster in surfing and browsing the internet more smoothly.

Learn tricks of the keyboard.

Top tips keyboard tricks and tips for using the iPhone 5

  • If you hit the space bar twice, the iPhone adds a period and capitalizes write the next word.
  • To type a number or symbol quickly, hold 123 and, without lifting your finger, select the character you want. When you lift your finger, the iPhone back to the alphabet keyboard.
  • Hold down a letter to see a list of special characters to choose from.

Browse through your music and videos.

When you see a video or hear a song or podcast, the sweep function allows you to move through the timeline. You can go high-speed sweep the precision sliding your finger down as you drag the played.

Keep your inbox tidy.

The Mail app can delete or move multiple messages at once. From your inbox, tap the Edit button, select the messages you want to organize, and tap the Delete or Move button.

Make a screenshot.

Simultaneously press the home button and sleep button/trigger. The screen will flash, and the screenshot will automatically reel.

Create a playlist.

In the Music app, tap Playlists, select Add list, and give it a name. After playing any song or video: you can add individual songs, entire albums, or all artists’ subjects.