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Tips on Patent Applications for Computer Readable Media


Many patent packages have been filed aimed at protecting inventions regarding computer systems. Often the patent claims describe the usage of disc drives or other media for storing information. A common call for information storage devices (which include difficult disks, floppy disks, USB pressure, DVD, CD, media playing cards, and so on) has been “laptop readable media.”


In the beyond, claims directed to bare commands, like software code, had been taken into consideration not patentable. In response, patent lawyers got here up with “Beauregard claims” that upload “laptop readable media” to the laptop commands to make a claim patentable. Today, such “Beauregard” claims are not unusual as markets are actually directed more towards community-transfer distribution (i.E., Internet downloads). So patent applicants appearance toward drafting claims that coal operation wherein gadgets access records (‘commands”) from bodily media and online.

This term appears wide sufficient to cool each form of data garage device. However, one thing to hold in writing patent claims is that one desires the declared scope to be vast sufficient to cool everything beneath the sun even as narrow enough not to be already gifted within the earlier artwork.

For “computer-readable media,” every other difficulty isn’t simply earlier art but patentability underneath the law. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) interprets the term “computer-readable media” more widely than simply statistics storage gadgets. The USPTO interprets “computer-readable media” to include indicators similarly to information storage devices. The USPTO’s knowledge of the “ordinary and standard that means of ‘PC readable media'” to consist of non-transitory tangible media and transitory propagating alerts. The USPTO considers data garage gadgets to be “non-transitory tangible media” that’s best one part of “laptop readable media.” Note that indicators, including radio signals, microwave signals, and such, can bring facts this is “computer-readable.”

Thus, if the patent specification does not exclude alerts from the term “laptop readable media,” then the USPTO claim is deemed not patentable as transitory embodiments are not patentable under 35 U.S.C. Section 101. See In re Nuijiten, 500 F.3d 1346, 1356-fifty seven (Fed. Cir. 2007). This type of hassle may often be repaired using an amendment that doesn’t add new reliance upon PC. Similar issues occur for claims to “multi-cellular organisms” as that time period includes people, which aren’t (yet) patentable.

This difficulty isn’t always a whole lot of trouble in the European Patent Office while using a declare in a form inclusive of “a computer software for instructing a computer to perform the technique of [an allowable method claim]” and no specific kind of media desires to be referenced.

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Online Safety Tips – Keep Your Computer in a Central Place
Congratulations on your new laptop! Now, where will you place it to make it available to more than one own family participant?

One of the satisfactory selections we ever made turned into placing our firsPCin the breakfast corner. That became in 1980. At that point, we had no other massive area sufficient to maintain the laptop, monitor, and printer. So it went onto a table alongside the wall of our breakfast nook.

When we moved to a new house, we again set up the laptop inside the breakfast nook. It turned into a valuable area, so even though someone turned into using the laptop, they were nonetheless inside the drift of the own family.

It also made it easy to assist the youngsters, even when I turned into cooking. I ought to, without problems, step into the breakfast corner – or solve a question from the kitchen.

Since we have been early adopters of generation, it was long before online threats and private security have been elements. But if I had it to do once more, I would certainly place the laptop in the breakfast corner. Here’s why:

1. The breakfast corner (or kitchen table region) is in the center of the house. No one has to split themselves from the own family to work at the pc. That makes it more likely to get used frequently.

2. Placing the display screen towards the wall makes visible manipulate of the screen smoothly, even from throughout the room. There is no temptation for someone to go to online places they should not because some other family member can easily stroll with the aid of at any time.

3. That same display placement makes it easy to percentage the display screen for questions, demonstrations, and looking at motion pictures. Just pull up a kitchen chair and enjoy.

4. It encourages communique about what they are seeing and doing at the pc. That can frequently lead to difficult questions about online safety – or algebra. But being close and to be had makes the primary vicinity ideal.

But what if you do not have a breakfast corner or an easily tailor-made alcove? Then recall rearranging a few fixtures and a few ways of life to position the computer in a imperative area with site visitors passing by way of frequently. Not most effective does it provide a degree of online protection, but it’s also a bonding experience.

The fee you acquire and the instructions your children examine as they are using the computer make the modifications worthwhile. You may not regret setting your computer in a imperative region.

Computer Repair: Safety Factors for Technicians

It is the obligation of pc restore service companies to make sure the safety of their technicians through giving them extensive safety education and enforcing strict safety norms within the repair premises and the purchaser’s area, and suitable insurance for accidents/damage triggered within the place of business or at the same time as the technician is wearing out his professional duties some other place. Periodic refresher guides, safety drills, and checks are a great manner to ensure safety. At no time have the technician’s or the purchaser’s safety be compromised. Protecting treasured equipment is likewise important in this business.

A fundamental precept is to have the right set of gear for the process. You can have previous information about the problem, so continually come prepared with the proper kind of screw-drivers, etc.

Working with the computer manner operating with high-voltage energy and possibly broken components, defective cabling or wiring, for this reason, another rule to follow is to the energy of all structures completely earlier than attempting to open up the computer. This will ensure your own safety and now not harm the patron’s premises or computer systems.

Keep all of your senses alert. Apart from visually inspecting for harm, watch for burning smells or noises coming from the machine. Try to find the site of noise or burning. Rather than looking to restore a burnt-out element, it is always better to absolutely replace it because collateral damage can occur with improperly repaired parts.

Many technicians overlook taking away their watches, jewelry, or other jewelry once they begin work – these are potential risks. Also, even as doing soldering paintings, one must continually wear gloves, masks, and protection glasses.


Before starting up the case, it is desirable to check whether the replacement parts are the right ones and whether they may suit well. When installing new processors, you could want to test whether or not the existing fan-cooling will work nicely. Many technicians tend to push new elements into the area forcefully. This should harm the component and additionally save you from operating nicely. Going thru the structures specifications and element specifications cautiously before you install can save you a lot of time and money.

Assembled devices can be crudely built in terms of casing – there can be sharp edges and metal elements that could cause injuries while you’re commencing up the casing. Static is another aspect to consider whilst commencing the casing – except being worrying and painful, and it can purpose actual damage to internal circuits of the computer. Clearing accrued dirt with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner is a good exercise. Cleaning up thoroughly after the work is performed is the very last step. Following these basic guidelines is essential for a terrific restore-provider company.