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How to Crack Windows 10 Password with 2 Easy Methods


You have landed on this article that confirms one thing: you forgot your own Windows 10 login password and need help to reset or remove it from the login screen to access your computer. While it is absolutely recommended to use strong passwords to prevent any stranger from accessing your computer but the perilous moment arrives when you forget your own Windows 10 login password.


Microsoft really made it tough to bypass login passwords in Windows 10 as they have disabled the registry entries that help to crack passwords in earlier versions of Windows. Nevertheless, there is no harm in forgetting Windows 10 password these days as there are many solutions to crack the password. In this article, we will demonstrate how to crack Windows 10 passwords so that you can access your computer normally again.


Solution 1: How to crack Windows 10 Password using Offline NT Registry Editor

Offline NT Registry Editor is a password recovery tool that completely removes the password from the Windows login screen. So, first, you need to download Offline NT Registry Editor directly from the official website, and since your computer is locked, you need to use a different computer that you have access to. It is totally text-based, which can be a little arduous. But follow the instruction properly, and you should be able to reset the Windows 10 password.

Step 1. Download Offline NT Registry Editor on a separate computer and save the file.

Step 2. Insert an empty USB flash drive and burn Offline NT Registry Editor ISO files to make a bootable disc.

Step 3. Eject the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer and reboot it.

Step 4. Since it’s a bootable flash drive, the files should be automatically loaded upon startup, and you will be able to see a black screen with texts.

Step 5. Press Enter on the first screen to start using the tool.

Step 2. Wait few moments for the Offline NT Registry Editor to load. After that, choose the appropriate hard disk partition.

Step 3. Confirm the Windows registry path, which should be the default location, and select the password reset option.

Step 4. Next, select “Edit User Data and Passwords” and press Enter.

Step 5. Select the username to edit and choose “Clear (blank) user password.”


Step 6. Type ‘!’ to quit user edit and then enter ‘Q’ to quit the tool.

Step 7. Now you can reboot the computer, and your system should start normally. No password will be required to enter, and you should be taken to the home screen directly.

Solution 2: How to crack Windows 10 Password using UUkeys Windows Password Mate

While Offline NT Registry Editor can be a perfect solution, it is a totally text-based tool that can be very tough to use. You would need a lot of technical skills to use that password with no guaranteed success.

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is another Windows password recovery tool that guarantees a 100% success rate to crack Windows 10 screen passwords. It has been tested in numerous locked Windows computers, and it has worked every time in all versions of the Windows platform. The tool works very quickly, and there is no need to enter any manual command like other tools. Rest assured that no data loss will occur using this software. Here is how to use UUkeys to crack Windows 10 passwords.

Step 1. Download the tool from a separate computer with administrator privileges and install it by reading the setup wizard instruction.

Step 2. Insert a USB flash drive and from the drop-down menu, select the name of the flash drive and click on “Burn USB” to start copying the files from the ISO image file.


As soon as the writing process is done, you will get the burning successful pop-up message on the screen.


Step 3. Take the bootable flash drive and insert it on the locked computer.

Step 4. Choose the flash drive to boot from, and the UUkeys program will be loaded automatically.


Step 5. Select the Windows version and the username for which you wish to reset the password.

Step 6. Click on “Reset Password” followed by “Reboot.”

That’s all. You can now log in to your computer without any password. It is as easy as that. No nee


This is how easy it is to reset Windows 10 password if you forget it. Please note that if you find any difficulties using Offline Registry Editor due to its complexity, you better use UUkeys to reset the password. It is tested in all Windows versions, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and so on, and so far, it has conquered its goal in every locked computer. Hopefully, you were able to reset your computer’s password too by using the tips shared in this guide.