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Xbox One buyers beset by buggy disc drives


Microsoft’s Xbox One.Some early Xbox One patrons are complaining that their disc drives do not work. Commenting via the Meowing and Neoga forums and other websites, users say the console makes clicking or grinding noise after a disc is inserted, stopping properly there or spiting the disc out. Both means the console is seemingly unable to learn the disc.

Microsoft's Xbox One.

A couple of Xbox One homeowners have posted videos to YouTube that display the issue. One user who dubbed his put up “Redmond, we may have an issue” served up hyperlinks to videos from 4 completely different individuals who established the glitch disc power Web Posting Pro.

Up to now, most effective, a rather small selection of people seem to have reported the issue online. And manufacturing defects are not ordinary for a brand new product, assuming they affect just a minor proportion of gadgets. Many buyers of Sony’s PlayStation four have complained about devices that crash, fail in addition up, or show a flashing blue gentle as an alternative of video.

Sony called these “isolated incidents” within its expectations for a brand new product launch. The Xbox One’s true take a look at will come when it finds itself within the arms of many more folks on Friday and all over the weekend.