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Company of Heroes 2 to get Victory at Stalingrad DLC on November 12


Sega has announced the discharge date of the Victory at Stalingrad DLC for Company of Heroes 2’s Theater of conflict mode. The DLC shall be launched through the digital distribution platform Steam on November 12. It is going to be available for $9. ninety-nine (Rs 626 approx) as a part of the upcoming Turning point update. It is presently on hand as a pre-order at a 10 % cut price, which brings its price all the way down to $8.99 (Rs 563 approx).

Stalingrad sounds like such a fun place!

Victory at Stalingrad will include a co-op situation, two solo challenges, and three AI battles. The co-op state of affairs is Kalakh Pincer. Solo challenges include Tatsinskaya Raid and Bridge safety. The AI battles are iciness Storm, Stalingrad Resistance, and Stalingrad Encirclement. As you may notice from the name of some of these missions (and the title of the DLC), it is very much Stalingrad-themed, where Russia fought off the German military in a decisive struggle all over World struggle 2.

Stalingrad seems like this type of fun place!

The DLC is part of the Turning point replace, to have other additions to the sport, most of them being free, including the world Builder, a few maps, and some new generals for multiplayer. The world Builder will let players design and share custom-made multiplayer maps.

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As its title might suggest, the company of Heroes 2 is a sequel to the unique firm of Heroes and has the same setting as that of the original – World conflict II. The original recreation was praised for its intensive motion and excessive requirement of ways. The sport quickly won some enthusiasts in the professional gaming circuit. Whereas it did have a single participant campaign that had one of the crucial greatest events of World War II, its multiplayer used to be no doubt the primary pull of the sport.