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Is Your Child Ready for The Summer Camp Adventure?


Is your child insisting on setting off on a grand overnight summer camp adventure? Kids often get addicted to all the stories they hear about camping. The hike through mountains, the shenanigans, the daring high ropes, the canoeing and munching on the barbeque sitting around the campfire, all these attract your child. But you really need to know if they are ready for camping and head off into the rough countryside for several weeks. To know if your youngster is ready for some summer camp adventure, ask yourself some questions, and you will know that if he/she is ready.

Is Your Child Ready for The Summer Camp Adventure? 1

Is your little one comfortable with staying away from home?

Asking this question to yourself is important. Since children are supposed to be more homesick than adults, this question is actually important. Has your child stayed away from home, maybe with his/her grandparents, or spent a night in his/her friend’s house? Is he/she comfortable sleeping with a group of children, or does he/she wants to come home in the middle of the night? In fact, most kids’ problem is that they cannot stay away from home, leaving their mom and dad. Make sure that your youngster is not among them. Although summer camp is a long period of time, maybe a week or two, there is a good chance that your youngster will cope up if he/she is comfortable staying away from home.

Is your Kid Independent?

Being in a summer camp adventure group requires minimum independence. Your kid should be able to take care of his/her belongings and also himself. Nobody would help him/her with all the morning chores like brushing teeth and other stuff. Therefore, your child should know some daily survival skills before getting into a summer camp. Although there would be people who will guide your child in every step, he/she needs to have a certain amount of self-sufficiency.

Adjusting to New Situations

Being in a camp is not remotely like staying in your home. There are many aspects that one should consider. Like, for instance, does your child like making new friends? Or, does he gets acquainted with new situations very easily. If that is so, camping is just about the right thing for him. Since camping requires discipline, and in the camp, you need to stick to certain routines, like getting awake in the morning and other things. There would be several new situations arising when your little one goes to a summer camp.

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Can your Child Take Orders?

One of the main things about summer camp is coordination. If the guide tells you to do something, you must do that without any word. Therefore, your child must follow orders while being away. The guide or the counselor involves the kid in many amazing things like training, climbing, canoeing, and other things.

What interests your child?

You should know about the preferences of your child. Some camps are often known as outdoor camps, and there are still other indoor camps, more of a workshop type, where children can actually learn about art, music, and theatre. So, you need to assess your child if he/she is more of an adventurer or an artisan.

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