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What to Expect If You Need Partial Dentures


Dentures can be defined as ‘removable replacements’ – for those with missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Two kinds of dentures are available – partial dentures and complete dentures. As the name suggests, partial dentures are used when some teeth are missing and some natural teeth remain in place. Removable partial dentures are made of replacement teeth attached to a pink-colored base and are connected by a metal framework that will allow the denture to stay in place in your mouth. Partial dentures thus fill up the available space in your mouth and will keep your natural teeth in place as well. These dentures are removable and have internal attachments – making them more natural.

If you find yourself in a position where you require partial dentures, there are certain things that you may have to get used to. At the beginning of having dentures, it may feel awkward or bulky, and you may not get used to having something in your mouth. However, as time passes, you will get accustomed to having it.

In the beginning, your dentist may ask you to wear dentures all the time – this is one of the quickest ways to identify whether your dentures will require adjustment or not. If the denture does put some pressure on a spot in your mouth, that spot will become sore. Your dentist will then adjust the partial denture, so it becomes a more comfortable fit. After this procedure, your dentist may recommend taking the partial denture out before going to bed at night and wearing it again during the day.

You’ll have to deal with one other issue because eating may become a little difficult and uncomfortable initially. Still, you’ll soon notice the positive difference that dentures will make! Partial dentures will be able to help improve your speech as well. In the beginning, certain words may be difficult to pronounce, but as time passes, you will eventually get used to speaking properly with a partial denture.

Partial dentures are made of various materials, with the most common dentures being made out of acrylic or cast metal.
Acrylic partial dentures are cheaper than other alternatives but can become bulky and uncomfortable as time passes.
On the other hand, cast metal partial dentures are stronger, and are flexible, and provide a comfortable fit.

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