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Go Online for These 6 Health Essentials


Many in-person business practices have evolved due to the convenience of the internet. Why search for specific products in-store when you can find them online with a few clicks and key presses?

Many health products, for instance, are far easier to buy online quickly and discreetly, if necessary. Whether you’re seeking something in particular or just browsing, here are six health must-haves you can find and purchase online.

Health Essentials

1. Sexual Health Products and Treatments

When looking for sexual health products, you can fulfill them online, no matter your medical or discretionary needs. Many types of contraception, for example, may be ordered efficiently and privately from any pharmacy-supporting delivery platform. Treatments for a myriad of sexually transmitted infections, STI tests, and over-the-counter medications are also widely available from health-specific services.

This includes topical ointments, remedies, emergency contraceptive pills, and even prescribed birth control. The availability of these sexual health resources has skyrocketed due to the internet’s privacy. And though STIs and other sexual health issues are common, these topics are still often considered taboo. However, with this newfound freedom, you no longer have to experience these services’ stigma.

2. Prescriptions and Medications

Prescription medication is, by design, heavily controlled and only dispensed to those to whom it is deemed necessary by doctors. Usually, the process involves seeing a physician and receiving a prescription. Then you must have the prescription filled through a pharmacy and pick it up from a licensed pharmacist. These steps are even more demanding if your medication is classified as a controlled substance (like ADHD, anti-anxiety, or pain medications).

If you have a prescription already, you can usually refill medications through a pharmacy’s online portal. It’s often possible to even have it delivered on a one-time or cyclical basis. If you don’t have a doctor, some services write prescriptions online so you don’t run out of medication. With this convenience, it’s much easier to know you’re taken care of should a complication arise.

3. Dietary Supplements

It’s difficult to ensure you get all your vitamins and minerals through diet alone. But supplement brands and variations are super common, to the point of in-store overwhelm, and are often quite expensive. How can you know that you receive a quality product that works for your needs and does not overspend? The immediacy of browsing in-store makes it much harder to take these considerations slowly and thoughtfully.

Luckily dietary supplements are easy to find online, making comparing prices quite simple. You can find any combination of vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect source to fulfill your specific needs. And, of course, like prescriptions, you can have them routinely delivered without much effort. In addition, many online supplement retailers offer discounts for purchasing products on a monthly subscription plan.

4. Grooming Products

Similar to supplements, the brands of grooming products you’ll find in-store are substantial in variety and price. Most stores will likely see essential soaps, conditioners, and styling creams. However, you might require specialized products for your particular needs for hair texture, skincare, and body odor. The internet may be your best source for information on these products and purchasing options.

Brick-and-mortar stores are less likely to have more popular, concentrated, or innovative items in stock without ramping up the prices. The internet, however, is full of businesses that may be selling some of these same products at a lower cost. At the very least, online shopping is your best bet due to the sheer number of options you’ll have.

5. Fully Equipped First Aid Kits

You won’t frequently be in situations where you need a first aid kit, but it’s always recommended to have one. But if you don’t have experience with first aid, how do you know where to start when assembling one? And how much time do you have to do so? Instead of creating one yourself, you can get high-quality, pre-equipped kits online to save time and help you stay prepared.

Emergency supplies are often life-saving, so it’s better to get them first and learn about them after. Even if you aren’t familiar with some of the things within, the shop will likely describe them for you. You can also find resources all over the web to teach you how to use them.

6. Telehealth Services

Products are not the only thing available online — with telehealth services, the entire medical process is at your fingertips. You can schedule an online doctor visit via video appointments, manage information, and request medication refills all through the websites of your insurance or doctor. Do you need to schedule a check-up or sick visit? Many doctors provide services that allow you to do this on their website without calls or check-ins.

Specific platforms even allow you to chat with your doctor without making an appointment. This way, you can discuss post-appointment concerns and avoid needing to call or come into the clinic again. These options are compelling for people with disabilities who may have trouble leaving their homes.

Sexual health products can be ordered quickly and discretely. Cyclical prescription deliveries often mean that you won’t have to remember to refill them. With all of these readily available, you may never need to worry about finding them again.

The online world has made medical resources readily available and straightforward to engage with. Supplements and grooming products are often easier to find and less expensive online. New first aid supplies can be refilled almost instantly. And now, you even have virtual access to your doctor with a few clicks on their website.