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Eleven Things You Absolutely Must Do After Publishing Any New Blog Post


Your work doesn’t cease once you write and put up a new weblog post. There are numerous other little matters inside the process which could upload up to better visibility and engagement. These recommendations will help you maximize the cost of every blog post that you write. Since I recognize that is a completely precious aid, I endorse bookmarking this web page or using this manual to create a custom-designed checklist for you. Having said that, right here are the eleven activities once you put up your blog submit.


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1. Reread and Revise

I’m positive you make investments some time enhancing your posts before you publish; however, in case you’re like most bloggers, you definitely possibly pass over something.

That’s why you ought to proofread and revise once more when you put up the publish. Reading your posts out loud enables, but I’m certain you realize that. 🙂

2. Share it on Your Social Profiles

Immediately after publishing, pass in advance, ship out your first tweet, proportion it for your Facebook profile/page, and some other network you’re energetic on.

This will help you get early traction.

You spent hours writing the article, you must spend a few minutes promoting them to get the most exposure.

3. Send it to Your Email Newsletter

Your electronic mail subscribers are the most unswerving because they’ve given you permission to let them realize approximately the content you write.

So email them and let them recognize. You can automate this with the aid of putting in each day/weekly newsletter. I normally end up writing a custom one as it provides more non-public touch.

If you don’t have an email listing, you must build one right away.

4. Share it in Groups/Aggregators


I’m positive you’re a part of different Facebook or LinkedIn corporations. You may also be a part of a private Slack channel. Share your articles with your colleagues there.

If you’re a part of subreddits or industry-unique communities like Inbound, you must definitely publish your articles for extra reach.

If you’re now not part of any of these, you definitely should recollect becoming a member.

5. Link From Old Posts

If you publish several evergreen contents that continue to attract clicks and stocks over time, then you could leverage those antique posts to force traffic to new posts. Cross again through your most popular posts and find methods to incorporate hyperlinks to the post you simply published.

Not simplest does this growth direct visitors. However, it also establishes a robust search engine marketing framework for your internet site.

You can do this effortlessly in WordPress by using the Posts display screen and typing an applicable keyword in the search.

Eleven Things You Must Do After Publishing a New Blog Post actually edit the one’s posts and discover a way to link to your new put up.

6. Reply to Comments

Getting human beings to touch upon your posts is tremendously challenging in the first place. That’s why you by no means need to disregard a comment. Make it a priority to respond to every single remark posted.

This establishes an advantageous rapport with your readers, and considering comments are searchable on Google, the greater communication in the feedback segment, the higher your seek outcomes might be. Not to say, it indicates a better general comment remember, which encourages new customers to comment.

7. Syndicate Through Partners

As you publish more content material increasingly, you have to increase relationships within your content material area of interest. Over time, these connections can blossom into visitors running blog possibilities and even syndication relationships.

If you’ve managed to expand syndication partnerships, you’ll need to apply them as tons as feasible. After publishing a submit, attain out for your connection and ask them to provide your put up a study. To prevent replica content, you need to make certain that there’s a point out on the top of the put up pronouncing “this article at the start seemed on Yoursite.Com” with a hyperlink to your article. You need to additionally get a creator bio with a hyperlink again to your website.

Lastly, if they could add a canonical link to your website online, that’s even better—Google “canonical link” if you don’t know what I’m speaking approximately.

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8. Repurpose Into Other Formats

You ought to never put up a blog submit after which depart it to die. Any post that’s longer than 800-one thousand words can effortlessly be repurposed into another format for an additional fee.

How? You can use it because of the script for a video, divide it u, use it for a handful of shorter posts, flip it into the premise for a podcast episode, convert it into an eBook/checklist, and greater.

While repurposing takes time, the gain is that you have already got the center situation remember advanced. This streamlines the technique and lets you maximize your attempt.

9. Schedule Social Sharing

Blog Post

Most human beings most effective percentage their articles once or twice proper after it’s posted. It’s critical to do that, which is why Item #2 is devoted to that.

However, you shouldn’t simply stop sharing the article after the first day. More in all likelihood than not, the object you wrote is relevant as a minimum for the primary week, if not longer.

That’s why I advocate scheduling your posts to be shared months earlier. Now there are several equipment/services a good way to let you try this, but I use Buffer because you shouldn’t pay extra while you don’t ought to.

Buffer, we could help me agenda tweets and different shares, and I can set it to exit four times an afternoon at 8a, 12p, 4p, and 7p. You can change the frequency for your account. After that, I use a unfastened tool referred to as BulkBuffer, which permits me to add bulk status to my buffer account.

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Now all you have to do is create a textual content or CSV report with all of your weblog posts and agenda it. You can update your list every month (the task is so simple, you may even outsource it). If you’re looking for options, then you could test CoSchedule, Revive Old Post, or Social Oomph.

10. Outreach/Favors

Blogging is all about constructing healthy and mutually beneficial relationships. If you’ve hung out reading, commenting on, and sharing other humans’ posts, you they’ve in all likelihood developed a few strong relationships with others in your area of interest.

When you feel like you’ve posted an in particular robust piece, don’t be afraid to attain out and ask for a desire. If they feed your dating, then they’ll be satisfied to proportion the publish with their fans.

If you’re beginning out and now not certain who you need to reach out to, you may use a device like BuzzSumo to the peer who shared your competition content and discovers influencers on a particular subject matter.

11 Things You Must Do After Publishing a New Blog Post 11. Study the Numbers

Finally, keep an eye on the numbers. Your blog analytics will tell you loads approximately wherein your traffic is coming from, what number of page views you’re getting, how lengthy readers are actually staying on the web page, and many others. This information can then be used to tweak future blog sharing strategies. I hope this article helped you maximize your content material advertising efforts.