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Why I Love Blogging


People weblog for plenty reasons. Originally, I started my blog the quit of 2013 as an author platform.

But as time passed, I realized my blog furnished a good deal more than an author platform and it wasn’t all approximately the numbers. Blogging served an exceptional and more profound purpose. I would even say that it’s modified the manner I examine and live my life.

That’s why in case you’re considering beginning a blog, I’d distinctly propose it. That is if you’re blogging for the proper reasons.

If you’re beginning a blog to get wealthy or maybe to eke out a dwelling, well, don’t count on it. Monetizing a weblog is brilliant difficult nowadays. In reality, after 3 years, I’m nonetheless not earning money from my blog. By the way, don’t accept as true with all the hype from humans selling online publications that try to convince you running a blog is a first-rate manner to make passive income. Make no mistake, writing and promoting a weblog is a ton of labor. There is not anything passive about it.

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In truth, it’s so clean to get pissed off when you first start a blog. As a technically-challenged character, I needed to analyze WordPress. Then, I spent a lot of time selling my weblog and attempting to find a target audience. Something else I knew little approximately. As with most bloggers, I speed have become obsessed – and depressed – with the numbers and what number of traffic, subscribers, and Facebook followers I had on any given day. Turns out constructing up readership for a weblog takes a LOT of time, effort, and staying power.

So Why Blog?

Some people might also disagree with me, however, I think running a blog should not simply be approximately making money, drumming up the commercial enterprise, amassing a huge following, chasing repute, or looking to sell books.

Blogging can function a creative channel to voice ideas, mind, evaluations, ideas, and feelings. On top of that, writing a weblog provides a fantastic possibility to inspire and touch the lives of other humans in a positive way.


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How Blogging Changed My Life

My blog has clearly seen me through many America and downs these past few years. I’ve written about pleased moments like a ride to Chicago with my husband to have fun our anniversary, a day spent gambling within the snow with my grandchildren, watching Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones at Desert Trip, and a quick weekend trip with my youngsters to San Francisco.

I’ve also poured my heart out even as caregiving for my Mom who suffered from Lewy Body dementia and wrote about her eventual dying. I shared my angst when my mom-in-regulation died from ovarian most cancers and my son went thru a painful divorce and custody war that identical year. (Ironically, quickly when I commenced writing a weblog approximately happiness, I had the worst 12 months of my lifestyles.)

Yes, I love reading, which offers a welcome respite from my issues, however writing is my actual get away, outlet, and passion. When I write, I come to be so targeted, my issues fade away for awhile, giving me a miles needed wreck. In reality, if you’re truly a creator, trust me, it’s miles an existence-long dependancy!

The procedure of placing my thoughts and emotions into writing has delivered me comfort as well as assist me to relive happy moments.Author


As I’ve written about my lifestyles, my weblog helped me think about what’s crucial to me and decide if my lifestyles are headed on the right path.

Since I can not write about every event, idea, thought, and feeling, blogging presents a sort of filter, clarifying my existence. My blogs have helped me apprehend what’s most significant to me. I’ve discovered alongside the way that once in a while it is the best moments that make me the happiest.

Embracing Creativity

As a professional writer, my weblog gives me an extraordinary innovative freedom to specific myself. Not to pop everybody’s balloon, however, writing sounds more glamorous than it’s miles in reality. For most of the beyond 25 years, I’ve written articles on topics that magazines, newspapers, publishers and customers pick for me.

True, I’ve written young person books, travel articles, funny pieces, and characteristic memories on charming humans that have been fun. On the alternative hand, a good way to make a living, I’ve additionally written articles that bored me to tears. I’ve tackled technical articles – and one technical e-book – that gave me an Excedrin a headache and drove me nuts. I’ve written on demand, meeting other human beings’ cut-off dates, writing past due into the night as my brain is desperately trying to call it quits.

Don’t get me incorrect. I may sound whiny, but I absolutely recognize that I’m darn lucky to have made a dwelling at something I love. I wouldn’t have had it every other way.

The point is, my blog is my toddler. I write on topics I’m interested in and experience passionate about and hope my audience will revel in as well. My weblog allows me to stretch as an author, discover, test, and try new things whenever the muse hits. Writing professionally has given me the area to publish a blog each week, but I write my blogs once I pick out. And accept as true with me, it truly is no longer on the crack of dawn or 10:00 at night! That is high priced.

So, the ones are a number of the methods running a blog has changed my lifestyles. But, as I referred to earlier, the large bonus is that blogging can change different human beings lives as properly.

Some humans have left comments letting me recognize that I even have in some small way inspired them or provided useful records and that usually brings me such joy. Writing a weblog has provided an opportunity to connect with readers and different bloggers, which has been so rewarding.

What type of blogs has confirmed to be most famous? It’s always thrilling to peer what resonates and hits home. My pinnacle ten blogs so as of recognition:

1. Five Ways to Become a Happy-Go-Lucky Person

Every yr, that is my top-appearing blog with the aid of a long way. Merriam-Webster defines satisfied-go-lucky as blithely unconcerned and carefree. Synonyms encompass affable, laid-returned, low-stress, and mellow. I bet we all want a number of that!

2. Golden Boys in Concert: Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and Fabian

I changed into requested to do an e-book evaluate of Bobby Rydell’s autobiography. This led to an interview, loose tickets to his Golden Boys live performance with Frankie Avalon and Fabian, and a behind the scenes pass to fulfill Rydell in person. This was a nice perk that came from blogging! The day they published my concert assessment on Rydell’s Facebook web page, my site visitors increased via 3000% for the day. No joke!

Three. Keep Laughing with the Seven Dwarfs of Menopause


This weblog has held a top-3 spot since I began blogging. Hey, it is either chuckle or cry through menopause, and would not all of us prefer to giggle?

Four. Staying Positive Despite Problems

Everyone has issues that make us sense powerless and defeated, so I’m no longer amazed this blog made the pinnacle ten. I provide three easy hints on how we are able to manage our outlook and nevertheless choose to be happy regardless of our issues.

Five. What Are Your Life’s Happiest Moments?

If your appearance back on your life, which moments would you count number as your happiest? What could be your biggest regrets? That’s the question one study b

Aww, my first actual blog that got my weblog off the floor. The idea for this weblog turned into based totally on research that display, in general, older humans – or even the more youthful technology – are happier than us infant boomers. One examine showed there’s a U-fashioned happiness curve with the early 50’s as the lowest point of properly-being.

7. Happy as Easy as 1-2-three

“I need my day to sense like there may be boundless splendor and possibilities and pleasure to be felt, observed, explored, and expressed. And what? I can and so are you able to,” I wrote. This article was given determined on Stumble Upon, bringing me my 2d (after the Rydell live performance overview) all-time file excessive number of site visitors for someday.

8. Staying Happy Through Menopause

I wrote this newsletter after Hot Flash Daily hired me to put in writing funny articles about menopause to release their new website. I had by no means written humor earlier than, however, had a blast doing it for them! I luckily shared all of it – the sizzling hot flashes, insane insomnia, disturbing forgetfulness, and crazy panic assaults that ensued for years. Yes, YEARS!

Nine. Finding Happiness with Grandchildren

This blog turned into a clean one to write. To be wanted and desired by using those delightful little beings is an excellent deal with and privilege. Like many human beings, I discover that the rewards of own family life simplest grew richer and extra enjoyable as each new grandchild was born.

10. Five Happy Snoopy Quotes

Okay, this one amazed me a touch bit. But hiya, do not we all nonetheless why love Snoopy? Now that I write a happiness blog, I’m inspired with how a great deal knowledge Charles M. Schultz cartoons include at the problem.

I loved writing most of these articles that proved to be popular with readers. With that in my mind, what is my simple advice to all of you who are thinking about running a blog? Write approximately your passions. Let your blog train you life classes. And, in the end, revel in the method. Then you could love running a blog as plenty as I do!