4 Steps You Must Follow After Publishing your Post

Blogging is not just about writing good content, but also making a follow up after it gets published, so that the post gets more and more traffic on the internet. Promotion of the content plays a key role in increasing the attraction to the visitors and helps the company of business startup fulfill its marketing objectives without incurring huge costs. Therefore, it becomes as essential for bloggers to promote their content as it is to write quality content, so that they can not only hold the existing audience but also reach out to new ones. This is possible only if you are able to present your post in front of maximum number of readers in shortest period of time.


Here are 4 steps you must follow after publishing your post, so that you are able to maximize the number of viewers for your post:

1. Reading and Formatting the Posts

As soon as you publish your post, you must read it and format it, making sure that it is free of spelling mistakes as well as grammatical errors. Have a look at the headings, sub headings, links, images and text formatting. While you re read the post, you will be able to detect the errors which you could have missed in the earlier stages, even the minutest ones can be spotted in the final proofreading of the article. This proofreading will have a positive effect on the quality of your post and make it more appealing for the readers.

2. Share the Post on Social Networking Sites

The next step to take after you publish your post is to share it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Google, which will get a lot of traffic on your post. Adding a few lines about your post will be of additional help in attracting a larger number of viewers on the social networking sites. When we talk about Facebook, you can share the post on your personal profile, various groups and Facebook Fanpage. Another excellent site where you can share your post is LinkedIn, which is particularly useful for the posts related to startups and professional fields. You can also add a social sharing button for each post to ensure that the readers can immediately hit it to share the content on their networks, maximizing the exposure to your post.

3. Share on Twitter

Another important platform to share your post after it gets published is Twitter, which gives the benefit of multiple shares for your posts. Make sure that the post is completely checked and formatted for all kinds of errors. Judicious use of promoted tweets can be a great way to reach out to a larger audience base and can also give promotional benefits to new startup or business.

4. Respond to Shares and Comments

Make your site viewers feel important by keeping a tab on shares and comments on your own website as well as social networking sites and responding to the same. The response to comments may vary from a simple thank you message to a more detailed one, depending upon the comment given by the viewer on your post. Make sure that you respond to comments in a moderate and friendly manner and try to ignore negative ones, rather than respond to them by deleting the same. Similarly, you must set some time every day to thank the viewers for having shared your post, which gives them a positive impression on account of interaction on your behalf.


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In addition to these essential post publishing steps, there are a few other things you can do to make a positive promotion of your post. You can comment on some other blogs related with your field, which can be of great help for subtle promotions as well as building a network for yourself. Additionally, you can have a small database of users or subscribers created for future use and alert them by e-mail regarding the promotion of your published post. Another useful promotional step for your post is to make use of blogging communities such as Viral Content Buzz and Social Buzz Club, for this purpose. Make sure that you build a network with the right kind of viewers, who will interact positively with you as well as share your posts without hesitation.

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