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Top 5 Best Android browsers


There is Android all over the world. Most people today feel proud to have an Android-enabled smartphone in their hands. The android operating system is giving some tough competition to Apple’s iOS that has ruled the smartphone market for a long time.

Android has become the most sought-after mobile operating system because of several features offered. People go for Android because Internet surfing is very smooth in it.


It’s true that you can browse through the net very smoothly and efficiently with the help of a number of browsers available. The default browsers, in all handsets, are always boring. As in computers, though we have Internet Explorer built-in, we go for Firefox or Google Chrome as they provide more flexibility; the same is the case with smartphones. Default browsers are always worse than the other ones.

So here is a quick list of the best browsers available for Android that you can use for more flexibility and need. Could you take a look at them?

1.     Opera Mini Browser:-


Whenever we talk about using the Internet in mobiles, we always think about Opera Mini. Opera Mini is the best browser to surf the Internet in mobiles, be it Nokia or Android. No one can deny this fact.

  • Reduces the data costs by up to 90% by compressing the data.
  • As it compresses the data, it will take much less time to load web pages, thus delivering lightning-fast speeds.
  • The best and user-friendly interface allows you to access everything without any confusion.
  • You can browse multiple websites at a time, as it supports the tabbed browsing.
  • All your most visited and favorite websites will be shown on the new page tab, thus giving you a chance to easily access your favorite site.

2.     Dolphin Browser:-


This is the second-best browser that can be used for better browsing. The Dolphin Browser comes inbuilt in all the Samsung devices, but iou can easily find it from the Android market. If you don’t have it, Don’t avoid it as you can get a much better browsing experience.

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  • One of the most unique features of Dolphin Browser. You can search the Internet using voice search.
  • Another innovative feature of this browser is the Gesture recognition feature.
  • There are more than 50 add-ons available, and still, more are coming. This is one of the few browsers that provide add-ons.
  • You can pay your favorite website a visit with just a single touch.
  • Tabbed browsing is also available in Dolphin browser making it easier to browse multiple websites at one time.

3.     Boat Browser:-


Boat Browser is a fast, smart, and cool browser that will bring you amazing web experience. Moreover it is fully customizable, you can easily change the button’s location as you like.

  • You can operate Boat Browser through Voice command. It means that if it opens the corresponding websites, you say “Google” or “Facebook,” Interesting, huh.
  • Add-ons are included in this browser.
  • You can change the colors of the browser by changing the theme of it.
  • You can easily watch the videos through this browser.
  • It also supports the resume feature when downloading any file.
  • You can have bookmarks folder, you can sync the bookmarks with other browsers, import/export bookmarks to SD card.
  • Speed Dials and tabbed browsing are also available.

4.     Skyfire Browser:-


With Skyfire browser, you can make your web experience richer, smarter and more fun. Moreover it is ranked on number 2 on TechCrunch’s “Best Android Apps of all times” list.

5.     Maxthon Browser:-

maxthonIt is said that Maxthon browser is worlds fastest and the smartest Android browser. It’s fast, secure, free, and lightweight.

  • Your bookmarks and favorites can be imported/exported by syncing them with your computers.
  • It has a private browsing feature (especially for boys). With this feature on, your visited sites will not be included in the browsing history folder.
  • It also supports themes and skins which adds extra fun to browsing websites.
  • You have many options for download, like sorting, scheduling etc. to manage all your downloads.
  • Speed dials, tabbed browsing and add-ons are also enabled.

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