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How to Play Around on a Smartphone Without Your Eyesight


Please don’t do it.  You’ll get a ticket. More importantly, you’re jeopardizing safety.  Don’t use your smartphone while operating a motor vehicle.  With the advent of each new application or new family member finally getting a smartphone, the temptation to leverage a phone at all times amid all activities grows stronger, but you’ll relent.  Actually, it’s becoming a lot easier to wage the risk.   Several voice-commanded applications exist, making it easier and less dangerous to operate a smartphone while engaging in other activities, such as driving a car.

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Word Games

You’re traveling in your car, tired of the same songs on your device, and there’s nothing worth listening to on the radio, but you’re bored!  What can you do?  How about playing word games?  No, you can’t jot down letters in those little spaces provided, completing a crossword while driving.  You can play several available and voice-activated word games while operating any machine. 7 Little Words gives hints and insinuations regarding seven words, with the listener given a set amount of time to guess correctly.  Master the initial puzzles; more of them await you.

Fitness Matters

You’re driving in your car, but that doesn’t mean your thoughts can’t run elsewhere, minding ongoing running training.  How well have you been developing, taking shorter times to run the same distances?  You can review your on-road progress while riding in your car, activating the voice commands on your running application.

Search for new paths and challenges, find those in your area who share the same interest in running, and review your current progress by leveraging your iPhone or another smartphone.  You’re currently riding in your car, but your voice-activated application keeps thoughts of training jogging through your mind.

Social Driver

You have a long ride ahead of you, back from visiting grandma out in the middle of the country.  It’s going to be several hours until you arrive home, and it’s tough staying away from your social accounts for more than a few minutes.  How can a long-distance driver stay social, safely making miles of driving progress?

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TweetList allows users to stay on top of their social lives, hands and eyes-free.  Get your tweet stream read, comment on follower observations, and record to-be tweets for later engagement while keeping your eyes on the road.  There’s multitasking, and then there is multi-socializing at its best.

Cards in Cars

Hands and eye-free chess games exist, but those are involved; plus, one has to wait for the other person to move, which could take some time depending on applied rules. However, a driver can take a quick (5-minute) card game along for the ride using the King’s Corner application.

Set difficulty levels, keep score, and play games within a five-minute timeframe.  Are you finally out of your car?  Now is the perfect time to play some cards.  Aren’t you glad you brought your applications along for the out-of-car ride?

Despite accident statistics, new laws, and bad habits, people often use their smartphones while driving a car, enabling several in-car activities.  Now, smartphone owners don’t have to take their eyes off of the road while staying entertained. Daniel Peterson is a tech genius. He loves to share innovative ways to use technology by writing for consumer blogs. Visit the Acuvue link to learn how to order eye care products online.