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Why Choose Casement Windows?


Windows are an essential part of your interiors as they define the looks and natural light coming inside the house all day long. One such prevalent type of window is the casement window. These windows are those single-hinged windows that open all the way, either to the left or the right. They allow plenty of natural light into your home, and they also project outwards to open wider than any other type of window, allowing you to enjoy more natural ventilation as well. There are various ways in which casement windows are better than any other type of window. Here we tell you how –

Why Choose Casement Windows? 1

1) Double-hung windows – They open only halfway, and both halves can never be opened simultaneously, allowing only a partial breeze.

2) Sliding windows – These also open halfway, and one side is typically fixed in place, blocking much of the breeze and reducing ventilation

3) Other designs – Other types of windows can only open a small amount, allowing for very little natural ventilation.

In addition to the advantage of proper natural ventilation, casement windows offer a variety of other advantages that make them an excellent choice for most homes –

1) Security – Unlike other window types, a casement window’s lock is embedded in its frame, making it harder to break into. As they are always sealed tightly, they can’t be pried open like double-hung windows, and unlike sliding windows, they cannot be lifted off their tracks.

2) Ventilation – Sometimes, it is difficult to catch a cool breeze, especially when living in a neighborhood where the houses are close together. The sash of your casement window acts as a funnel, redirecting the breeze into your home and allowing you to enjoy breezes blowing in from every direction, irrespective of the houses around you.

3) Energy efficiency – Casement windows are tightly sealed when shut, preventing unwanted drafts and moisture from entering, and making your home and air conditioner more energy efficient.

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4) Space – As they open outwards, casement windows do not take up any indoor space. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors while seated right next to your window.

5) Cleaning – They are easy to clean, as you can easily reach between the window and the sash when it is fully open.

Casement windows are a fine addition to any home; however, care should be taken in homes with small children, as they often do not come with screens, and children may fall out of the open window if left unsupervised. Double-hung windows may be more suitable in this environment, as the lower half can be kept shut and made child-safe Graet News Network.

Casement windows come in various styles, allowing you to perfectly match your personal taste and home décor to give an exquisite interior for your house. They are highly versatile and can suit any home, from traditional to contemporary, and everything in-between.