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Are Casement Windows Easier To Use?


This article will brief you about the ease with casement windows. All possible pros, cons, and maintenance-related issues have been included for your information. Casement windows include a panel of glass which is fixed with its frame by one or two hinges. This type of window was used even more modern sash window came into existence in many households.

Casement windows do not disrupt the décor or your room or do not spoil the look of your curtains as they open outwards. A crank-like setup is used, which enables the opening of the door by a push force. Earlier, windows were designed differently, with the framed glass planes pivoted in place with lead strips. With time, the designs have got better and more advanced.

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1) Large opening:

While most windows open partially, a casement has the capability to open up completely. It swings open to the maximum extent, which is more than any other type of window. Windows like the double-rung, fixed, and sliding have limited opening. In double rung windows, either the upper or lower portion of the window can be kept open and not both simultaneously. In the case of sliding, only one side can be opened up, while in the case of a fixed window, it cannot be opened at all. A casement window is an optimum option to choose from if a large window opening is a required feature.

2) Safety

They feature a hook-shaped, embedded casement lock, which is insurmountable to someone outside and makes it very tough to break into. Contrary to this, there are other kinds of windows, such as the double-hung window that can be broken into comparatively evenly by intruding a pry-bar beneath the sash and lifting.

3) Maximum Ventilation

A huge window opening is perfect for permitting large amounts of airflow – into and out of the property. In fact, a wind that gusts along with your house at a steep angle will find it hard to enter through the windows, resulting in drastic ventilation. Since casement windows can be opened outwards, air traversing along the walls can be conducted into the property via the open sash and is specifically useful for windows with only a small amount of external space.

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4) Opening & Closing

They are very convenient to open and close due to their individual leaver or tandem latches, and they can even be magnified by adjusting automatic openers.


1) Unsafe

Even though casement windows are great for ventilation and many other things, they might be a little unsafe in a household with little kids. The window may be too big for the kid and hence may be a risk.

2) Air Conditioning

Since casement windows open outwards, it is not very compatible with the air conditioning setup. In contrast, the other windows, which are slide or something of that sort, are compatible with air conditioning.

3) Size Variety

The opening must be rigid enough to back up the weight of the whole window when it is opened. This places limits on how large a casement window can be without placing unnecessary strain on the opening.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of a casement window, you can decide if you wish to install it in your home or not. If you need casement windows, don’t forget to check the Euro star window range (http://www.eurostarwindows.ca/). Check the website for more information.