What is Domain ?

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Domain :- Domain is the unique name for the internet world as like you have a ID card of your country but you cannot choose fancy no. LoL. But in the case of Domain , you have the option to choose the domain name like abcd , myname ,whatever you desire. Domain is also having some ending point like .com , .org , .net etc.

You can purchase any domain ending but some are having limited access to their country like .pk , .us , .in

While choosing a domain you should keep in mind that the domain is the main factor for your website The Know It Guy.

Why choose domain names ?

Using a top domain level domain help the people to know that it is a website and it is having some value attached to it like iamsujoy.com is a website and if I choose iam.free.web.com is a free website that I am using from a free provider domain name.so choose your domain withour adding any subdomain.Subdomain refers to the larger name of main domain.

How to choose a perfect domain ?

Before choosing a domain you must lookout thee several things so that you get a perfect knowledge on the new domains. Checkout the things you should keep in mind :-

1.your domain should not have any symbol as visitors might miss out the symbol as people love to type normally rather than using a little effort to type a symbol.

2.Easily understandable like you are thinking a tech website then it should be in tech words and no miss words like using two alphabet side by side e.g techh where “h “ is used for two times.

3.Always try to have short domain name where the word must not exceed more than eight words.



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Author: Rohit Shetty

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