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Selecting a Web Builder Site


When you have a clear vision that you need to set up your online identity by creating your own website, the next thing which comes to your mind is how to do it. This is where web builder tools come to play. You do not require any specific programming knowledge to use these tools. Still, the real issue that arises now is which website builder prefers out of the multiple options available online.


The competition outside is really high, and choosing the perfect option becomes very difficult, especially if you are a newbie. We are now going to cover a few points you must pay attention to while analyzing any website builder, and you can find the same in open source platforms like yola and creator.

User Interface

This is the most important aspect to be kept in mind while selecting any website builder. The main aim behind using a Website Builder is that you do not require any programming knowledge to build up your website using these tools. If the user interface is appealing and easy to understand, you won’t feel the need to code much to set up your site. On the other hand, if the interface seems complex, you’ll not only need time getting accustomed to it, but you might even need some basic web building concepts to implement.


Security is another major concern while using web builder tools. You will place some crucial database on your site, and you do not want to lose it, nor do you want to have any unexpected hacking access to your site. It would help if you made sure that the connection established between you and the builder is secure, and you also need to keep your username and password safe.

Easy Updating

Initially, you might start using the free services provided by various web builders, but sooner or later, you will have to upgrade to a premium account once your business progresses. This thing has to be tested in the initial stages itself. You would never want to land in some fuss at later stages when your customer demands increase day by day.

Free Templates

This feature is provided by most of the web builder sites out there. However, you need to double-check the number and quality of free templates they are offering you. A predefined template helps to speed up the site-building process and also makes your work easy.

The IM creator provides all the above-mentioned features. It helps you design your site with a negligible amount of programming knowledge. The site is completely secure and offers a large collection of templates to use with your site, with multiple customization options. You are allowed to upgrade to a premium account whenever you need it. Everything you desire is available at your fingertips, and the best thing is you would not require any time to get accustomed to the user interface. It fun to use, and the support service is always there to help you.