Sekisui Chemical claims cheap, long-range lithium battery tech

A Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car. The Sekisui Chemical battery tech could boost the range for a car like this far beyond the rated 63 mile range.A Mitsubishi i-MiEV electrical car. The Sekisui Chemical battery tech may raise the diversity for an automobile like this a long way past the rated 63-mile range.

Sekisui Chemical says it’s not off course to fabricate subject material as a way to permit manufacturing of thin, cheap, lengthy-vary batteries for electric vehicles with the aid of 2015.

the company announced Tuesday that the new silicon-primarily based material for use in lithium ion batteries could result in batteries that deliver a using range of about 370 miles — roughly equivalent to how a ways a typical automotive can go on a full tank of gas however at a so much lower price.

As some degree of comparison, Tesla’s edition S with the biggest capability battery can provide about 300 miles using at a speed of fifty five mph.

Maybe more importantly, the new subject matter can bring battery manufacturing costs down to only above 30,000 yen ($290) per kilowatt-hour, a lower of more than 60 p.c from around one hundred, 000 yen ($976) lately, in line with a document in Nikkei.

This could end in chopping electrical automobile costs to the level of gas-powered automobiles, in keeping with Nikkei, citing an authentic at an immense Japanese automaker.

The information drove Sekisui Chemical’s stock value in Japan to to its easiest stage considering that 1996, in step with a Bloomberg document.


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Sekisui’s announcement on its Japanese-language net page cites the “price” characteristics of the brand new battery tech, including the promise of a lithium ion battery that is about one-third the burden of a standard electric car battery, bearing in mind an extremely-compact automobile battery.


Author: Rohit Shetty

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