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Plasma Life Forms – Aliens From a Parallel Earth


According to the darkish plasma principle, the bodily-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart darkish count number Earth composed of low-density plasma. This “sister” Earth became co-accreted with the bodily-dense Earth approximately 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma life forms developed on this counterpart Earth, much like it did on the seen planet.

These life forms varied in scale, shape, and intelligence as carbon-based totally lifestyles bureaucracy – as distinctive as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a man or women. Their tiers of intelligence and awareness had been as specific as a centipede’s focus to the awareness and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens advanced carbon-primarily based bodies that fashioned symbiotic relationships with a number of these plasma life forms (indicating a kind of symbiogenesis). Some of this plasma life bureaucracy have interacted with us inside the beyond (intentionally or by chance).

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The entities that we have diagnosed as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (as an example, the Marian apparitions in the ecosystem), aliens (related to UFO sightings within the ecosystem), fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (at the floor of the Earth) and balls of light which seem to undergo bodily limitations (without contracting) are all plasma life bureaucracy from this counterpart Earth.

Properties of Bioplasma Bodies

Plasma life forms have bioplasma in our bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies that generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in these bioplasma bodies are “plasma antennae” that could tune in and acquire electromagnetic waves generated by another bioplasma our bodies. (Plasma antennae are being used nowadays in medical laboratories.)

According to the dark plasma principle, our bodies of plasma existence bureaucracy that we encounter are molded, employing our expectancies that radiate out from our very own bioplasma bodies inside the shape of electromagnetic waves and obtained via them their embedded antennae. The closer they come to you, the better they can track into the thought waves (i.E. Electromagnetic waves that might be modulated via your mind) you are radiating out from your bioplasma body. For example, in the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the youngsters saw a ball of mild which resolved into a person-like angel as it was given closer to the youngsters.

Psychokinetic outcomes have a much greater effect on bioplasma bodies as compared to the physical-dense body. The motive for this is that the total relaxation mass of a bioplasma frame may be very a good deal decrease than the bodily-dense body. The shallow rest mass can also give bioplasma bodies a more suggested macro-quantum effect (compared to macroscopic items in our universe) because of the de Broglie relationship.

According to the darkish plasma principle (darkish rely) bioplasma, our bodies are composed of a complicated plasma of non-general particles. Non-preferred particles are debris that might be outdoor the physicists’ Standard Model and might be included in the darkish matter – remember that’s six times more standard in the recognized universe than normal remember.

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The concept of Human Life Value:


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Many Tibetans will spin their Prayer Wheel dozens of times an afternoon, within the morning, at the same time as they’re strolling around, and before mattress at night. They often chant as they stroll, with a Mala (prayer beads) in a single hand and a Prayer Wheel within the other. For a few Tibetans, prayer is a manner of existence, not just something that you do once in a while. By constantly turning their Prayer Wheels, they could preserve their prayer alive inside the globe.

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So what does a Prayer Wheel need to do with your lifestyles? And how does your existence grow to be a Prayer Wheel? Although I do not forget who said it or where I heard it, this concept has been stuck in my head for years. I failed to apprehend it at the time; however, through the years, I have begun to get an idea of what it means to have my existence turn out to be a Prayer Wheel.