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How to Boost your Alexa Ranking 2013


Before going into any details, we will first discuss its effects on Search engine optimization and Search engine result pages. Then finally, we will be covering the below-listed points in sequence.

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  1. Installation ( Required to prove your authorship and ownership )
  2. Traffic Generation ( Helps in gathering the position of your visitors. Helps in calculating the rank in your desired county )
  3. Back-links ( Both do-follow and no-follow are counted but usually shows wrong data )
  4. Bounce Rates ( Number of readers and newcomers who leave your website from the first page itself )
  5. Reviews (Essential to gather information about the quality of your content )

Impact On Search Engine Optimization

I know you are very eager to unveil the methods. But I want to make sure that whatever you might be doing to improve your Alexa ranking will not affect your search engine’s position in any way. Google doesn’t consider Alexa’s statistics for ranking any domain on SERPs.

Why? And the simplest answers are listed below :

  • They don’t calculate the real and trustworthy traffic
  • They don’t give real ( actually, no one gives it ) back-links count
  • Your position can be easily altered by giving writing Reviews

Similarly, the data gathered by Quantcast, Compete, and Google’s search bots and Algorithms do not use other analytic sites to rank your website on search results Do Savor.

Claim Your Site

It’s essential to add the metadata generated by Alexa to your site; else, it’s not going to track your site’s activities. Claiming helps to populate the regional, traffic, keywords, positioning, and page-load time statistics. This step is crucial since it also verifies you as the authorized owner of your website.

Please remember these steps while proceeding :

  • Make sure you have used niche related keywords
  • These keywords should be available in your website’s meta description tag
  • Try to build good links using these words as your anchor text.


Now there are many blogs and websites worldwide, which have good PageRank and high domain authority but have lower Alexa ranking. It would help if you understood that the visitors and readers coming from the browser that doesn’t have Alexa-toolbar installed are not counted. Or, from your side, the visitors will not be counted ( overall ) from the pages in which Alexa widgets are not added.

  • Get the widget
  • Add it to your sidebar or footer area ( in any place which has a site-wide effect )
  • Install the toolbar on your browser
  • Remember not to edit the code provided to you.


Ask your regular readers and subscribers to write a review on your blog. Remember that this data is critical, and it surely helps you to improve your Alexa rank. Make sure that people write positive feedback. You can even ask your friends and family members to do this.

Organic Visitors Can Improve Alexa Rank

It’s effortless; the more you get the traffic, the more of them get counted, and the better you will be in your position. Try to bring a maximum of organic traffic since Alexa keeps a close track of the keywords that bring those visitors. And this data might help you get better advertisers. Also, make sure to add relevant outgoing links.

This topic must have some more discussion, so I am dividing them further into two different topics.

Quality Content Matters

It’s essential to perform good research before posting any article on your blog. Until and unless you look professional to your new visitors, they will never return. Below I am discussing a few of the major points which you should consider while writing any content ( Only those points which can impact your rank )

  • Make sure that all outgoing or internal links open in a new tab. ( This reduces the bounce rate and increases the time spent by visitors on your site )
  • Create complete and descriptive posts
  • Make your articles useful so that your visitors share them and link to them. It’s like a long-term investment.
  • Add good and descriptive image ( best methods to generate a link back )
  • Use numbering and bullets for expressing your views in points

Building Backlinks

Your domain must have lots of backlinks from highly reputed sites. Try to bring diversity while building links. I mean to say, you can use different sets of anchor text and natural words. You should also bring regular diversity in do-follow and no-follow links. The ratio of 35 is to 75 is really perfect ( respectively ). Also, try to create site-wide links with good use of main keywords as your anchor text.

Actually, Alexa considers every link. Even if the link is no-follow but if it comes from high profile website, then it may help to increase Alexa rank.

In the current  Search engine optimization trend, it’s essential to bring the variations in the anchor text, else Google panda and penguin ( algorithms ) will consider you as a spammer. Commenting and guest posting can also be a great method to generate good numbers of natural and easy flowing link-backs from highly reputed domains.

It’s important to understand that your posts will not rank on Google or other search engines if you keep building links for your home page. So it would help if you also gave importance to inner pages since they have a much better chance to rank on result pages.

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