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Google Glass will revolutionise gaming: Glu Mobile


One of the most important recreation publishers on mobile units, Glue cellular, believes that Google Glass will trade things dramatically for gaming. The company’s CEO, Niccole de Maxi, told Venture Beat that he believes wearables can be as important to mobile gaming as introducing the first iPhone again in 2007.

“Every five or 10 years, something extra progressive than evolutionary comes along,” mentioned de Maxi. “It is six or seven years since the first iPhone. This might be a type of moment. The next seven years might well be a wearable wave. It may occur as fast as and even sooner than the smartphone, this laptop for your pocket.

Spellista is Glu's attempt at a game for Glass

Spellista is Glue’s try at a sport for Glass.

Like many tech lovers, de Maxi believes in a sci-fi future where know-how like Glass can substitute smartphones. This might be very true as soon as the know-how becomes extra reasonably priced. This, in flip, will drive up adoption, “particularly when you consider Moore’s legislation and the reduction of type factors.”

For these at nighttime, Moore’s legislation states that, over the historical past of computing hardware, the choice of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years, consistent with Wikipedia. “It’s a brand new paradigm for interactivity, so it’s a model new paradigm for video games,” he stated.

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Glue already has a game to be had for Glass, made the use of the not too long ago-launched Glassware development package. Dubbed Spellista, it includes avid gamers the use of voice commands and head actions to play. The developer is at the moment working on person-generated levels and permitting Glass-to-Glass sharing of these levels.