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Zynga’s real-cash gambling mentioned to be coming to facebook


Having simply begun to check its success with online playing websites, Zynga is now mentioned to be hedging its bets with real-money playing apps. The social gaming company is launching ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino apps to be had on Facebook in the U.K, in keeping with VentureBeat. These apps will supposedly be accessible on laptop computers first, after which they will come to mobile.

This is simply trading as standard for them,” a Facebook spokesperson instructed OUR TRUSTED SOURCE. “What you possibly hear about are extra video games Zynga includes to their existing real money gaming ecosystem within the U.K.

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The struggling gaming company officially launched its U.K. playing websites in April. It has started with two gambling brands, ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino, which host more than a hundred and sixty video games, the place avid gamers can use real money. This activity used to be a partnership between Zynga and the U.K-based poker firm Bwin. Birthday party Digital leisure.

While these video games will most effective be to be had in the U.K to start, Zynga has stated that it additionally has big plans to bring playing video games to the U.S. Zynga made efforts to observe for a playing operator’s license in Nevada late closing 12 months, spurring Wall street to wonder if the corporate could choose itself up with gambling dollars. It is unclear when the apps will launch within the U.K. When contacted by using OUR TRUSTED SOURCE, Zynga declined to comment.