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Astrology as a Service Shows How Tech Is Disrupting Everything


Chandan Tiwari is Vedic Rishi, an astrology-generation Shows services issuer with an API everybody can plug into an app or internet site to offer users horoscopes, predictions, and astrological calculations. Tiwari, an engineer who began the organization even as a university, comes from a family of astrologers and talks glibly, approximately bringing together the “technology” and artwork of astrology.


When you watched astrology, you do not typically come to be deliberating technology. The photo is of vintage guys sporting many earrings with unique stones, sitting go-legged on crisp white sheets. But much like each other component of lifestyles, astrology has also modified lots thanks to era over the years.

People have been selling “Castro” software for years, and it has long been taken into consideration one of the three countrywide obsessions of India, our ABCs – Astrology, Bollywood, and Cricket.

But in at the least cricket and cinema, the impact of generation appears to be greater direct. Replay cameras, movement tracking, and excessive-tech tools have modified all sports; mega-hits inclusive of Baahubali 2 would not be feasible without enhancements in technology. In the case of astrology, has the era changed whatever past the approach of distribution?

In a few approaches, it has, if you’re to agree with Tiwari. “There is lots of various facts, a lot of one-of-a-kind calculations that you need to carry out,” he explains. “And it is now not about predicting the destiny, but greater about information the arena around you. So my father used to do all these calculations manually, and I began to think of how we can automate the method.

Castro API tendencies Castro

I turned into in university at the time, and there had been several software to be had to do that, but they were very luxurious, and it changed into all locked down,” he keeps. “We began to have a look at how to do that in-residence. I started to read a variety of books [on astrology], and that is when I started to get interested in astrology as properly. It turned into quite interesting to realize – there are so many matters to recognize, now not even a full-time astrologer might know all of the matters.

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Getting records collectively, placing collectively searchable databases, and go-referencing information to build algorithms, Tiwari set approximately constructing a tool that could be customizable to unique wishes, however also capable of providing tons faster results than journeying an astrologer. At the same time, all of this became still based totally on classical texts of the subject, something Tiwari sees as tremendous.

Early iterations helped calculate information which includes eclipses, or the placement of the sun and the moon, depending on time and date, and operating out things such as angles and connecting that with various inferences. By this point in mid-2007, the Vedic Rishi website online had 35,000 registered customers, but it was being developed and run as a hobby for Tiwari, as a one-guy operation. When he completed his schooling and became employed through TCS in 2010, work slowed.

At this factor, Tiwari recollects, Vedic Rishi had crossed one hundred,000 users, but it wasn’t being monetized. Things commenced to exchange but, says Rishi, as the emails he was getting on the website went from the same old “should I take this task,” or “how can I improve my fortunes,” and people began to ask about the software program.

People started asking in which I was given the software program from,” says Tiwari, “and if I said that I’d made it, then they would ask if they can rent it or if they can buy it. I wasn’t interested in promoting it, so I made it available online. But the messages kept coming, and I commenced to reflect consideration on how we will make a commercial enterprise out of this without charging the give up the user.

Castro app demo Castro

At TCS, Tiwari’s painting experience was in designing interfaces, and he determined that making an API would be a pleasant solution. “There are APIs for pretty much everything in the world; however [three years ago] I wasn’t finding something for astrology,” says Tiwari. More are available now, as some short searching proved, though you may definitely locate greater people presenting software program tools or internet sites instead of APIs that can be used in some other place.

We determined to provide some simple features, including the planetary position, for example, through the API,” says Tiwari. “This is how our B2B commercial enterprise advanced. Dating, matchmaking, horoscopes are a number of the matters that may now be checked using the API.

The API itself is unfastened for restrained use; any developer can start experimenting with it to see if it’s useful for them. But the money that Vedic Rishi makes comes from it is 150-plus paying subscribers. The version is primarily based on the variety of functions that a publisher selects and the variety of requests made for API usage. Tiwari says his customers encompass the Hindustan Times, whose website he says is one in every of the most important sources of site visitors for the Astro API.

The Hindu, the Asian Age, and the Indian Express all have astrology sections as nicely, a testament to the popularity of the perception, even as we stay in a world wherein a tweet might have more of an effect on your life than the alignment of planets. The oft-rebranded Tazo is another client, and others include matrimonial websites Maheshwari.Org, BigMatrimony, and USShaadi.Com.

Vedic courting Castro

There’s an audience for the content that Tiwari is imparting. Still, thinking about we’re talking approximately astrology, the query comes up – why even trouble with algorithms and calculations? Surely he should, without a doubt, use a random text choice tool, no greater complex than a Twitter bot, to spew out something proper.

Tiwari would not get worked up at the inspiration – there’s an experience he’s used to dealing with skeptics. Instead, he gently says that astrology does not control results but gives human beings a framework for the world.

“Creating and the astrological characteristic is based totally on astronomical calculations,” he says. “Once you apprehend the algorithm, then it’s no longer complicated at all. But what you have to do is carry together several distinct algorithms. There are so many exclusive sects in Indian astrology that the majority do not truly recognize. But maximum of all, you want to paint for your content and develop it in a surely useful manner. We’re constantly innovating and improving what we know so that our presenting is greater useful.”


“Astrology has been around on account that ages, however how people used to take it earlier is absolutely exclusive from how we’re portraying it,” he provides. “Things are not foretold through astrology; it’s miles a manual. Today it is portrayed as; you will get married at this age, you may have 3 motors, you will get a massive domestic. That is baseless. Astrology does now not do those things.”

Our skepticism remains; however, Tiwari is prepared for that as well and adds, “it is okay if you disagree.” Regardless of that, it’s clear that there may be sufficient hobbies in what the company gives us to predict a bright destiny and several others who’re keen to offer Astrology as a Service.

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