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Google Glass development kit now open to all


After wrapping up the Glass hackathon, Google has eventually made the Glassware construction kit (GDK) open to everyone. in keeping with Engaged, essentially any individual can now download the improvement kit and have a go at making some apps for the a lot-hyped Google Glass. Sooner than this, developers would have to come what may be on a white list to get access to the GDK.

Google is at the moment engaged on introducing a brand new version of Glass with a bunch of recent options, corresponding to enhanced hardware. The brand new Glass will actually have a dedicated ear bud in addition to make stronger for prescription lenses. Google has even started talks with firms like VSP world—an American vision advantages provider that also makes frames and lenses—to make special prescription lenses for use with Glass. There are also talks about VSP coaching optometrists to suit Glass into prescription glasses for purchasers.


AR firm Metaio has developed a new Google Glass app to fix automobile engines

We are going to get to peer more apps like this

Presently, the discussions seem to be in the early tiers, and neither of the companies has made any formal settlement. “Down the highway I think this technology is going to explode,” says Woodland Hills, California-based totally optometrist Matt Alpert. Alpert is on the board of VSP international and is among the early testers of Google Glass. “As quickly as apps are developed which might be related in your world, it’ll begin to take off.”



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Again in October, Google had begun teasing Glass 2 and introduced a swap-out programmed for those who already have the Explorer version of Glass. And the hardware enhancements are beautiful nifty too. In keeping with a Google+ publish, the company will “be offering a one-time not obligatory swap out for Explorers who purchased their tool before October 28, 2013. This hardware update will enable your Glass to work with future lines of colors and prescription frames, and we are going to additionally embody a mono ear bud.” the fact that Google Glass will eventually be suitable with prescription glasses must be a huge source of reduction for a lot of users.