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Adobe Lightroom 5.3 candidate supports hot new cameras


Fujifilm’s X-E2, a high-end digital with interchangeable lenses, is amongst these supported employing Adobe’s new picture enhancing and cataloging instrument. Adobe released a test version of Lightroom 5.three on Friday, giving the photograph enhancing and cataloging instrument toughen for the season’s scorching new cameras just like the compact Canon Powers hot S120, the excessive-finish mirrorless Fujifilm X-E2, the entire-body Nikon D610 SLR, Panasonic GM1, the Olympus OM-D E-M1, and Sony A7R.

Fujifilm's X-E2, a high-end camera with interchangeable lenses, is among those supported by Adobe's new image editing and cataloging software.

In addition, Adobe mentioned it could be squashed a lot of bugs, together with one who has been using me batty the place exporting images to Flicker would hijack Lightroom. Hence, you want to see the best images within the Flicker put-up collection, except you restarted the instrument. Adobe stated it could be fixed, and my quick check confirmed it.

Lightroom is designed particularly for handling pictures in uncooked codecs, which higher-end cameras — together with the primary mobile phone, the Nokia 1520 — can report. Uncooked codecs take knowledge immediately from the picture sensor without in-camera processing, a technique that offers better high quality and adaptability; however, that’s much less convenient and saddles instrument makers with the requirement to repeatedly fortify new proprietary formats.

Different cameras supported through the replacement embrace the Fujifilm XQ1, Nikon 1 AW1, Nikon Coli P7800, and the segment One IQ260 and IQ280. The Nikon D5300, Sony DSC-RX10, and Olympus Stylus 1 also supported, but it surety’s only a preliminary boost.