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Why CEOs Online Reputation Matters


CEO reputation management is important in the overall health of a brand. When the stakeholder searches for a CEO’s name and finds negative information, what do you think they will assume for the brand even though its reputation is intact? That is why CEOs should have an active online presence in case negative news articles come out. It is best to be ahead of the curb instead of a negative article to come out and start scrambling to fix the issue.

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What can you do to fix your CEO’s online reputation?

There is a multitude of strategies that can be done. If the brand the CEO represents does not know how online reputation management works, it is best to contact an agency that knows what they are doing. The first step is to see just how many online assets the CEO has under their name. What are the accounts they have access to, and what can be done to improve their rankings? Once that has been established, the number of postings should increase and the quality of the actual posts to get more engagement and shares.

Twitter is a great example of what happens once there are just the right amount of followers and engagement. When the social media site notices you are getting more authority and credibility on their site, you will have a carousel of your latest tweets appear on search engines. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a big brand to get this; individuals can also get one of them. We all know the more posts you have control over on the search engine result page, the better.

There is no escaping the online trend.

Some CEOs would rather not show their face to the public or have much online activity. This is a dying trend since the world would rather know who is behind the company and how relatable they are and be the brand’s face. A brand needs to have that individual since they will be more trustworthy and spokesperson once an announcement needs to be made. Also, potential customers can find the company through the CEO’s articles or social posts if they post interesting and great content for people to read and engage with. All this does make a difference on the bottom line of any company.