Nose jobs are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world. Many people get a rhinoplasty surgery these days but it is also one of those surgeries that require a second treatment. A second treatment can be done for many reasons such as there may be too much cartilage that is still present whereas in other cases, too much cartilage was taken so rhinoplasty correction can help to graft the missing cartilage back.

Whatever may be the reason, revision rhinoplasty is the outcome of bad nose surgery. You must look for a good surgeon with due diligence. A surgeon who as aesthetic sense and proper medical knowledge will always give you the right rhinoplasty surgery. However, if you are a patient that has not got the desired result after rhinoplasty surgery, then these tips will help you get through your revision rhinoplasty.


A rhinoplasty takes about a full year to recover. If your tip of the nose has been treated then it might take longer to recover. The tip of the nose is the most sensitive and vulnerable areas after a rhinoplasty. If your first surgery has gone wrong with the tip of your nose then please maintain your calm before your second surgery. As if you hurry yourself to get another surgery it may only bring you more troubles. It is very important for you to maintain your calm and wait for a full year before you sign up for another nose surgery. The bridge of the nose is usually less sensitive than the tip and tends to heal faster than the other areas. Revision rhinoplasty for this area can be thought of but only after proper examination by a good surgeon.


If you are undergoing another nose surgery then this will mean that you have to go through the recovery period again. However, fixing a bad nose is apt for you to address any ongoing issues you may be already having related to your nose. Revision rhinoplasty is complicated like a rhinoplasty surgery, it needs to be assessed vividly before treating. A surgeon who is great in health and aesthetics will be your savior.

Revision rhinoplasty can be performed based on two approaches a closed or an open approach. A closed approach is the one based on incisions which are applied on the inside of the nose. However, when incisions are made between the nostrils, the procedure is known as open rhinoplasty. While a closed procedure is less invasive and can be suitable only for a particular situation. Most of the time an open procedure is suggested as the nose requires extensive grafting. It is advisable that before jumping to follow any procedure, consult your surgeon in advance.


Rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty takes a long time to heal. If you have extensive grafting and the amount of work done is too much. It will take longer than usual to heal. In general, revision rhinoplasty takes one whole year to heal just like first rhinoplasty surgery.

It is very important that you communicate your queries with your surgeon. This will ensure the best outcome of a nose surgery gone wrong. Some conditions of your nose may require immediate attention which your surgeon will be able to point out. Get such conditions rectified soon so as to correct your previous surgery easily. Some rhinoplasty heals for a time but those which interrupts your normal breathing should be attended with the revision process. Consult somebody who has attended patients with wrong nose surgery so that you make the right choice to restore your natural appearance.