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Perfection for the Essential Promotional Pens Right Here


Who has never missed the ball when giving business gifts? We certainly do. Giving a business gift offers the opportunity to perpetuate a partnership, give the last push to a doubting customer or put your colleague with 25 years of service in the spotlight.

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Do not let the chance to make your prospects very satisfied customers lie and find the perfect promotional gift. What do your colleagues or contacts appreciate most? What impression do you want to make on your customers or colleagues? And what should you pay attention to when choosing promotional gifts? We thought about it and suggested our top 20 favorite gifts.

What are the trends?

There are no formulas with which you can find the perfect promotional gift. But at the Promotional Products International Association’s (PPAI) Expo, a major business gifts fair in the United States, we have observed several trends. On this basis, you can select several original and classic business gifts.

It’s about technology, stupid.

That technology is a trend no. 1 is not surprising. Items such as power banks and tablet accessories are handy in professional life and in free time. According to an ASI study, utility is the main reason for recipients to keep a promotional gift. All business gifts that help your customer be ‘connected’ and make his life a little easier are a hit. With power banks and mobile phones, you almost always score. The use of the executive pens is there as well.


Sustainability is more than ever a theme. If you give sustainable promotional gifts, you bring two messages: you are committed to the environment, and you exude that you are committed to your customer’s well-being.

High value

If you receive a discount voucher from a magazine on your partner’s birthday, you will probably be disappointed. That is no different for customers. Most of us appreciate gifts where effort and time have crept into. Customers feel more appreciated when they receive valuable business gifts. Research also shows that valuable and personalized promotional gifts lead to more quality leads. A good reason to invest in business gifts, is not it? For the cheap plastic pen also the best options are there.

Personal approach

We said it before: personalized promotional gifts lead to more quality leads. Approaching your customers in person is still “the way to go.” Promotional gifts with a personal message ensure that the moment of giving becomes something memorable and that the customer feels more appreciated. So do not go back to give a personal touch to a gift.