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Movie Reviews, and the Crafter behind the Movies


Everyone loves movies. These On Dav moving pictures enlighten our days, our moments, teaches us the unknowns, show us the path sometimes, enrich us with experience, make us fall in laughter, and so on. Yes, movies are that much important to us. A good movie is a great time pass and an educative resource.

The movie can make you laugh, they can make you cry, they can make you feel good, and they can make you feel guilty. Movies dominate our mood, and we still watch movies because it could be called one best means of entertainment. And before we go to the crafters of the movie, let’s have a look at three top charts Hollywood movies of this time.

promobox_large_moviereviewsIron Man 3

After its release, it has already earned $175.3M and still earning. Iron Man fans have been waiting since 2011 for the 3rd sequence, and Tony Stark didn’t disappoint them. No, not at all, and as the movie is still unwatched by many of the fans of this movie, I would not like to spoil all the fun. Visit your nearest theatre for watching and have fun; Tony Stark has done it again!

Fast and Furious 6

After the last sequel’s bank loot, the audience was actually waiting for what would happen next. As almost every fan has seen the trailer, they know very well that Letty’s comeback is a major turnaround in this movie. Again, we won’t like giving any spoilers for the true fans.

Now You See Me

A crime thriller-based movie for those who love movies of this genre. A team of illusionists gets tracked by an FBI agent. They pull off bank accounts, and the agencies are after them to stop them. The illusionists reward the people that belong to their motivation with this pulled-off money – this is the plot of this movie.

Ever wondered of making movies like this?

Movie making has never been so easier before. If you own a DSLR camera with good lenses or camcorder, then you can sign in to build your own movie. Of course, don’t expect them to have Hollywood effects in them, but at least you can make some acceptable short film-style movies. The first element you need is a video converter, converting your initial camera video file into an acceptable format for the movie maker. Aimer Soft Video converter is a very professional yet available free download software that you can easily use. Visit this link for downloading – here.


  • Firstly, locate the video file in your computer’s hard disk drive and then open it in the video converter window.
  • Select the output type and destination files according to your taster. WMV files would fit Windows Movie Maker better.
  • Now start converting the camcorder video files to WMV format.

Once you are done with the conversion procedure, you are free to play with your captured videos. You can correct the colors with various software; then, you can put it in order with the movie maker. Easy, isn’t it?