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Jelly Bean tops Gingerbread as dominant Android version


Jelly Bean tops Gingerbread as dominant Android version 1

The latest major version of Android, referred to as Jelly Bean, is now essentially the most extensively used variant of the platform, in line with new facts from Google.

Monday’s unlock of the firm’s bi-weekly usage figures, which are in response to the selection of Android gadgets traveling the Google Play retailer, showed that variations four.1.x and four.2.x accounted for a collective 37.9 per cent of Android users, in comparison with 34.1 % for versions 2.three.three 2.three.7.

Gingerbread, which was released in late 2010, has long been the dominant model of the instrument, despite the following debut of Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean developing a considerable level of fragmentation within the running gadget.

This fragmentation has been a longstanding complication for Android developers, who should work to make sure that their projects have compatibility with a couple of totally different versions of the platform. The news that Jelly Bean has outdated the out-of-date Gingerbread has been hailed as an important step in fixing the issue.

whereas some, like ReadWriteWeb cell editor Dan Rowinski, note that a few of this obvious growth could also be as a result of a transformation in the way in which Google measures the platform’s use, the traits nonetheless counsel a large-scale shift toward more modern variations of Android.

A further update of Jelly Bean to version 4.3 is thought to be planned for later this summer season, and the widely-anticipated release of version 5.zero (in most cases dubbed “Key Lime Pie”) is expected to happen in late 2013. Many industry-watchers had Key Lime Pie pegged for liberate at this spring’s Google I/O, but the company held off due, as a minimum partially, to a want to let its partners seize up to the Jelly Bean usual.