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Is IOS 7 the Best OS Platform That Apple Has Created?


The latest updates using Apple have created a lot of hype within the technology market. The statement of iOS 7 has created a frenzy amongst technology users internationally over. Google, too, has introduced updates associated with its working device. However, there are many factors that one requires considering if they’re to purchase the brand new Smartphone. It isn’t always only about the brand new era but additionally about the excellent platform that any tool has to offer.


Let us try and apprehend these two OSs and find out which one is higher:

User interface

Apple has introduced a total platform rehash to its vintage look, replacing it with a new look in its iOS 7. The Control Center, for example, seems translucent, and it permits precise navigation and swipes through the bottom of an iDevice. You can effortlessly get the right of entry to numerous functions, features, media controls, and display screen settings. You can even access various apps on your lock display screen. However, when we evaluate it with the Android platform, it appears to be pretty comparable in functionality with recognize

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ing to tweets, e-mail messages, sports activities rankings, and plenty greater. It seems that Apple has created a more significant of a neat appearance with the whole lot stacked nicely, including notifications and a home screen menu. But Android is a new complex.

Multitasking capability

Apple added cellular multitasking, but it also appears to efficaciously run a couple of apps without consuming an excessive amount of battery strength. Your iPhone can, without difficulty, understand how an app will affect the battery and adapts to it accordingly.

It analyzes how it can allocate battery power in keeping with apps. The Android OS maintains any app going for walks at the historical past of your tool, therefore, ingesting RAM. Unless you’ve got quite an app, it’ll preserve jogging even if it is for a long time. This suggests that the Android has but to increase a smart gadget for battery conservation.


Mapping capability

When it comes to Maps and Mapping, Apple has received pretty lots of poor customer remarks. Still, Apple has no longer released any cutting-edge plans or talked about enhancing them. The 3-D maps and search feature for its OS X Mavericks is all that we understand about. Nonetheless, the multi-device technique with maps is something to comprehend. You can find a location, store it, and get the right of entry to it from across all your iDevices.

Google has taken Maps to the following level giving users a smooth generation platform to perform and get in conjunction with. The first-rate part of Google Maps is its accuracy of geographic places according to navigation. This is vital while a consumer wishes to turn-via-turn guidelines in any given place. Android is commendable on this appreciated.

Browser Features

The latest developments inside the Safari browser provide you with a lovely full-screen view. This again appears to be an idea from Google Chrome that has been long in the past incorporated using Google. In Android OS, the quest bar is hidden; it could be revealed with a swipe. The tab view is followed using Apple. Here, it seems that Android is a winner as Apple appears to have merely copied it.

Voice Assistance

Siri via Apple is the most pointed out voice assistant. A voice assistant appears to be a need nowadays in Smartphones. Siri enables you to toggle controls associated with Bluetooth and other settings. Its integration with social media like Twitter, Bing, and Wikipedia is appreciable. The introduction of the ‘in-car gadget is but any testing addition to help a motive force live eyes unfastened from the device. Apart from the ‘in-automobile software program, Android has all of it. In this category, it appears each is identical. Right from getting baseball ratings to movie schedules and journey instances, you have got all of it on voice command.

Streaming tune

The streaming music provider provided with the aid of each is slightly distinct. The iTunes Radio is quite similar to Pandora, whereas Google offers you All Access with services similar to Spotify. However, with Google’s All Access, you have the liberty to create stations based on the selection of your songs or artist.

This way, you may music into your favorite tune and album with no trouble. This function isn’t always found in iTunes as you could most capable tap to purchase the song. Again, it appears that Android wins this class as everybody enjoys custom-designed music libraries and music streaming.


While there are still talks about the present-day updates from Google, if assets are to be believed, there are more to come back. Additional features and consumer-pleasant features are some of the additions that Google is set to introduce. However, it’s miles your choice whether you want to pick out iOS or Android because each has its set of advantages and drawbacks.


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Looking for the Best Text Message App for Android? Here’s What You Need to Know

Smartphones are taken into consideration as one of the pleasant-promoting gadgets in recent times. According to eMarketer.Com, a rate of 4.55 billion human beings Globally is expected to use cellular phones this year. Moreover, a new file conducted by the same research enterprise talks approximately international cell telephone customers for 2014’s forecast and similar estimates. They stated that between 2013 and 2017, mobile phone penetration will rise from sixty-one—1 to 69.4 percent of the common populace.

Another look at carried out with the aid of Business Insider says that one in every five human beings inside the globe owns a smartphone. It is also predicted that 20 percent will very own computers, at the same time as 22 proportion of the population will personal smartphones, which is a bigger charge compared to a different mobile tool. This is proof that cellular penetration substantially impacts the technological behavior of the arena. Likewise, it is the purpose why different mobile apps have been developed to tend to the desires of mobile clients.

There are specific apps inside the marketplace it is intended for either entertainment or trendy needs. If you are a tech-savvy person who is fond of using social platforms, you may truly need an application intended to send messages online. You may also use instant messaging programs or a cellular messaging app that lets you speak 24 hours an afternoon, seven days every week.

Smartphones might also are available in closed working systems, but the maximum accessible are Android and iOs. You might also locate an array of applications that declare to be the “first-class text messaging app” for Android and Apple. As a cellular person, this title would possibly confuse you. Here are some tips on what you need to look for in a dependable app to match your wishes:

All-in-one Messenger

You might also have signed up for various unbiased chat offerings like Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Fring, and extra. However, it may be a problem to log in to most of these bills one after the other directly to speak to the humans on your contacts list.

You may also use an app that capabilities unified messaging if you want to be easier to log in to personal money owed and structures using just one machine.

With functions suitable for your needs

The features of the text messaging software you’re seeking out have to benefit your communique needs. Does it offer audio- and video-enabled chats? Can it help you send fax messages? Does it assist you in manipulating your electronic mail? How about institution chats and online video conferencing? You should renowned this stuff mainly if it will be fantastic to your business or private use.

Integration of different networks

The first-rate textual content messaging app for Android and Apple has to permit the customers to integrate their social networks for a much broader network connection. It ought to also allow phone integration to call mobile and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phones.

Why search for various apps when you may find all those features in just one application? Whether you’re using a laptop or mobile tool with reliable internet access, the features of this free textual content messaging app let it turn right into a landline, cell smartphone, fax, and others.