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Apple Takes Risk By Telling Chinese Chat Apps to Disable ‘Tip’ Functions


Apple has told numerous Chinese social networking apps to disable their “tip” features to comply with App Store regulations, in step with executives at WeChat and different agencies. The tip features in Chinese messaging platforms are loose to use and permit people to send authors and other content material creators monetary tips through transfers to mobile wallet bills. However, consistent with The Wall Street Journal, Apple has decided that guidelines are equivalent to in-app purchases – similar to shopping for video games, tunes, and videos – therefore, Apple is entitled to a 30 percent reduction of every transaction.


The flow utilizing Apple seems to be a way to eke out extra sales from Chinese iPhone users as a part of a broader effort to increase its market proportion. According to analyze company IDC, Apple’s marketplace proportion in China dropped from sixteen percent in Q1 2015 to 9 percent in Q1 2017, even as the iPhone has fallen to the fourth location at the back of Chinese brands Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo.

On the other hand, Apple’s App Store sales in China overtook its U.S. App Store revenue in 2016 and have become the largest App Store market inside the globe. Making the tip characteristic an in-app purchase in China’s wildly popular chat apps might seem to be a certain fire way to boom Apple’s revenue. However, Apple’s stress on messaging platforms like WeChat is a risk and threatens to alienate huge Chinese companies.

Some social-networking apps have likened Apple’s tactic to arm-twisting, consistent with The Wall Street Journal. Apple is said to have advised leader executives at two organizations that if they do not want to make the alternate, updated versions in their apps might not be made to be had, and they may be kicked out of the App Store. “We don’t rate anything because of the platform, but Apple receives 30 percentage for doing not anything,” one of the executives reportedly fumed.

The annoyance stems from the way the tipping culture is considered in China. Chinese app developers see tipping as essentially different from in-app purchases because users only tip voluntarily as a mark of appreciation after they devour content material. But the most important fear for Apple could be whether the Chinese authorities decide to intervene and side with the tippers.

 One government says his company is talking to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a regulator, approximately whether Apple implements unfair guidelines by turning tipping into in-app purchases. MIIT says it isn’t concerned. The People’s Bank of China, which regulates electronic payments, didn’t reply to a request for remark.

Apple has suffered at the hands of Chinese country regulators before. But Apple additionally dangers irritating China’s largest organization Tencent Holdings Ltd, the developer of WeChat, which has 938 million energetic monthly customers. The messaging provider works nearly like an operating system all of its personal, boasting multiple mini-apps that allow users to pay bills, e-book lodges, browse media, and greater, without ever having to leave the chat platform.

The nature of the machine itself can be a risk to Apple’s app revenue, whilst WeChat is arguably more essential to Chinese cellphone users than any man or woman phone logo – iPhone included. WeChat talks with Apple to try and find a new solution to the tipping hassle and come to an alternative settlement, according to people familiar with the problem.


104 Billion Reasons to Keep Facebook Free Forever?

He made it! Mark Zuckerberg did= it. He got Facebook more than three instances of what they had been, to begin with, seeking out, simplest ultimate year. With 421 million stocks offered at 38 USD, Facebook becomes the 0.33 largest IPO on US soil and 5th worldwide of all time, with sixteen Billion USD.

This successful fund elevating exercising receives Google looking like a Dwarf with its 2004′ 2.07 billion IPO. Facebook is now valued at greater than one hundred Billion USD, 104 to be precise. This could bluntly mean that the 800 million customers of the sector’s #1 Social Network could yield one hundred thirty USD each to the, now, public corporation, in terms of what advertisers, social game organizations, and alertness developers would spend to reach out to this big database. This may well set an unprecedented fashionable to the “social media verse.”


What must we assume from Facebook?

Here a few ideas from records coming from all over the social media hub, namely from Forbes, which has, to my POV, decrypted the appropriate methods for the Californian organization to apply its newly received economic powers. One element is positive; Facebook might be more comfortable at developing and enhancing its systems.

New big acquisitions should be predicted, and the Palo Alto-born Juggernaut can also properly have one eye lurking next-generation mobile telephony. If there’s a need for proof approximately Facebook’s hobby for the cell era, look returned to it is 1Bn Instagram acquisition. With its nearly 500,000,000 cell customers, Facebook is certain to improve its cellular and innovate using bringing new functions to hand-held gadgets.

Even Mark Zuckerberg became clear and directly approximately that in his notes: Mobile is fundamental to growth for Internet agencies in the future. They do have the means now, don’t they?


But to this point, China stays Facebook’s largest challenge. To entire its march onto connecting the arena and expanding it is marketplace past horizons, it desires to set foot in China and rake on this large rapid-growing Internet-eating pink-ant army. How to get there is any other story. Mark Zuckerberg has been vigorously mastering Chinese, and this is a sturdy signal.

One known fact is that, without China, Facebook could see its growth powering down. It will truly want to partner up with a local company, which could spell trouble on the subject of modern-day Chinese human rights fame and its role in copyright control.

OUT OF AFRICA? Not a good solution

Africa stays a virgin land, a now no-man’s land, where the After-China destiny may additionally properly lie. Investing in technological development on the African continent is a sensible choice concerning its capacity to develop new markets. But on African soil, time doesn’t behave identically as some other place. No possible clearly say when the conflict-lathed continent will come out of the darkish. Social unrest there stays the most important barrier to any huge commercial enterprise anticipation.


Advertising stays Facebook’s largest revenue generator with transactions of the order of 4.2 billion USD in 2011 (Apple does such in three weeks), accounting for 89% of general sales. It may be the number one in terms of Online Display Ad revenue with 17.7% marketplace percentage in advance of Yahoo (13.1%), it still lags 4th at the back of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo at the Daily Unique Visitors’ scene. This method that the Menlo Park SNS massive has room for improvement, using ricochet, could suggest developing new thrilling advertising and marketing systems. News is that Facebook might be making ready some terrific Off-Facebook Advertising concept.

Given the giant FB LIKE buttons that any net person could locate on almost every website he visits, Facebook has the threshold approximately facts mining over its closest competition. Whenever a person clicks on these LIKE buttons, Facebook reaps information about character hobbies, profiles, and virtual itineraries as well as demographics. This is valuable wealth that can be handled and processed commercially in so many approaches. Building a platform that would deliver focused, custom-designed ads that integrate identification data is definitely a huge opportunity to step into Google’s beds.

Facebook has been lagging considering that its inception is in the search discipline. I do individually accept as true that this became a planned choice. However, in reality, the newly gained IPO will push the Social Network Leader into exploring and exploiting this new challenge. They now have the manner to compete frontally with Google the Search Leader. One factor, even though Zuckerberg’s mob may also have a precise side, is that; They have the Open Graph, right?


I don’t see that. I can’t discover smart human beings disrupting a machine that has been seamlessly funneling a big sum of money. In fact, if Facebook is wealthy these days, it is thanks to its +800 Million unfastened accounts, which yields an immensely wealthy database. Up to date, there may be no indication that Facebook will want to clinch a few cents from its personal base. The high-quality way for them to achieve it continues to be to reduce from app companies and advertisers. What can ultimately occur is The peculiar-blue site developing a Hard Cash counter by imposing a comfortable, honest commission-based totally fee portal. Why now not imagine Facebook partnering with Paypal on that problem. That could allow direct, seamless purchasing off branded fan pages and remodel Facebook into a big virtual MegaMall.

RISKS AND THREATS, how real are they?

There is a ransom to global huge achievement. There is the reliance issue and the dependence denominator. One prominent instance is Social gaming employer Zynga which slowly shifted far away from the Social Network platform to indulge into its own social gaming network and platform, coming down from a 19% sales proportion for Facebook in 2011 to best eleven% in early 2012. But whoever leaves makes region for another participant. What startup wouldn’t love taking a slice of the Facebook cake? So from a fashionable perspective, it is easy to effortlessly say that Facebook’s weight will constantly appeal to precious and dynamic players. It is true to mention that reliance or dependence problems will most effective be transitional for the Californian Social Network Giant until a new actor comes at the solid.

Bigger challenges will come from sabered-toothed startups who will see within the consumer cost set by Facebook itself as motivation closer to developing progressive software programs and systems. Stakes will skyrocket as we see more violent acquisitions increasingly in terms of a heavier amount of money being injected into small startups. Facebook would possibly then be fuelling opposition, especially wherein it has lesser attention; on mobile. As rightly mentioned in a Forbes article with the aid of Tomio Geron:

A pure mobile social company ought to move after Facebook at its maximum vulnerability. Could it’s a corporation like Highlight or Circle inside the years to come? There are many startups like them still simply beginning out. It’s just as in all likelihood that Facebook’s biggest chance may be a startup that hasn’t even launched yet. What will the +300k Mauritius person-base get out of this? Nothing, besides greater fun, consumer revel in! It should take an eventual opportunity for nearby developers…


Things will flow speedily in the course of a subsequent couple of years. Google, Bing, and Yahoo, who’ve attempted without the same achievement some Social Network journey, will now not live placed. We should, in reality, watch how Google+ will react mainly after Google’s reviewing of its seek algorithms in view to make the +1 button an influential asset.

We need to also greater especially watch Yahoo, which could be pushed in the direction of a strategic partnership, like the last-minute aborted Microsoft deal. The Socialmediaverse will clearly change, again, with Facebook’s determination to stay on a pinnacle in any respect stages. Alain Bertrand is a Mauritian expert who has been running in the Social Media region for the past 5 years.