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How MySQL Has Been Able to Maintain Its Popularity Over the Years?


A range of latest research has revealed that most business enterprise customers nowadays opt for open supply databases over business databases. Based on their requirements, the enterprises also can select from several open-source relational database management structures (RDBMS) consisting of MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, and PostgreSQL.

How MySQL Has Been Able to Maintain Its Popularity Over the Years? 1

But the utilization records posted on diverse websites suggest that MySQL is extra popular than other open-source and proprietary relational database control structures. Despite being an open supply relational database control gadget, MySQL is presently owned utilizing Oracle Corporation. The company clients also have alternatives to apply numerous paid versions of MySQL to avail additional features and functionality. Why Many Enterprise Customers Prefer MySQL to Other Databases?

Easy to Use

Many users find it easier to put in, put in force, and use MySQL than different RDBMS. The developers can, without problems, deploy MySQL without coping with complex configurations. At the equal time, they can use some of the 1/3-party gear to enforce the database in keeping with their necessities. Each programmer familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL) can, in addition, use the database without any trouble.

Reduces Project Overheads

As noted earlier, Oracle Corporation presently owns MySQL. But the agency has not transformed the software program licensed. Now MySQL consists of open-supply and closed-source modules. Each commercial enterprise can similarly use the database for both industrial and non-business reasons. But it has to pay certain charges to use the RDBMS for non-business functions.

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Runs on Major Operating Systems

MySQL currently helps numerous widely used running structures together with Windows, Linux, and UNIX. So it can be used by developers for growing a ramification of packages by targeting primary running systems. The customers also choose to use the database in a consumer/server networked environment or use it when there is no community with the aid of embedding it into standalone programs.

A Part of LAMP Stack

MySQL is also a part of the LAMP stack compared to Linux, Apache Web Server, and PHP/Perl/Python. The open-source company stack makes MySQL a fundamental part of web application development. The RDBMS further comes with functions to facilitate the development of web programs and simplify net publishing.

Keeps Sensitive Data Secure

MySQL is similarly designed with a stable information safety layer. The data protection layer protects precious business facts and sensitive client facts from centered malware assaults and hackers. At the equal time, the database makes it simpler for developers to create comfy utility by encrypting all passwords and proscribing facts to get the right of entry to using setting privileges for personal customers. Any research has further proved that MySQL prevents memory leaks correctly.

Fast and Scalable

At gift, MySQL lacks several capabilities furnished with the aid of different industrial database systems. But it nevertheless gives all functions and capability generally used by programmers. The lesser number of capabilities makes MySQL faster and more lightweight than different databases. However, the software program continues to be scalable enough to address big volumes of statistics. It can efficaciously take care of as much as 50 million rows and eight TB of records.

Facilitates Internationalization

While growing present-day internet applications, builders should preserve in thoughts the users dwelling in various regions and speak one-of-a-kind languages. They additionally want to optimize the backend and frontend of the website for worldwide users. MySQL helps developers to create applications by way of concentrated on international customers via supporting one-of-a-kind individual sets. It similarly allows builders to change the server time consistent with the consumer’s time zone and show blunders to every person in his local language.

Available in Many Versions

The firms additionally have the option to pick from several open-source and licensed variants for MySQL. They can use MySQL as an open-source RDBMS underneath the GNU General Public License (GPL). Likewise, they also can attain an industrial license from Oracle Corporation by using paying the specified fees. At the same time, the organizations also choose to use Drizzle, MariaDB, Percona Server with XtraDB, and other offshoots of the famous RDBMS.

Many analysts experience that the recognition of MySQL is being stricken by sure stability troubles, bad overall performance scaling, overdependence of programs and accessories, and partial SQL compatibility. Many users even no longer consider MySQL an open-source relational database management device, as it’s far currently owned by using Oracle Corporation and has numerous closed-source modules. Also, the software program is now not network-driven, and it lacks the support of a strong community.

MySQL is one in every of three popular database management structures. Other popular structures are Oracle and SQL Server. MySQL is extensively used with PHP packages. We are not simplest referring to the programs that evolved the use of core PHP and implying the content material control structures like Drupal and Joomla, which can be PHP-based. Let us discuss 4 motives why MySQL is used with PHP.

1. MySQL is budget-friendly much like PHP

PHP is surely unfastened to apply. Even the content control structures like Drupal and Joomla don’t require a charge to apply. This has produced several lovers for these structures. Any developer who chooses a loose net programming generation might obviously prefer a database control device that is free to use. At the same time, the programmer might not be inclined to compromise on the functions. MySQL affords the proper form of balance. It is loose but full of capabilities. It is comparable to other properly relational database systems in the market.

2. Hosting organizations love MySQL

How MySQL Has Been Able to Maintain Its Popularity Over the Years? 2

Since many freelancers were adapting to PHP for the convenience of programming and decreased prices, they sought out PHP support from web hosting corporations. Hosting businesses have spoken back very well with the aid of introducing numerous within your budget applications for PHP, Drupal, and Joomla website hosting. Since developers, individuals, and business proprietors who choose PHP generation frequently are price touchy, and they do now not need any other database gadget apart from MySQL. This has compelled the businesses to guide MySQL website hosting in conjunction with PHP hosting. Moreover, offering MySQL on the PHP side reduces the expenses for the website hosting groups as properly.

3. Content Management Systems have equipped made APIs used with MySQL

Content control systems like Drupal and Joomla provide many programming interfaces (features) to be utilized by programmers. There are lots of features that can be used for superior programming furnished the database is MySQL. A programmer might not revel in using the capabilities if the database used is Oracle or SQL Server. He has to put in writing his personal functions to apply to other databases.

4. Code to execute MySQL commands from PHP is straightforward to analyze and recognize

Whenever a server-aspect language like PHP or J2EE is used with a database, positive interface instructions need to execute and capture outcomes of SQL queries. PHP has a rich library with clean to apply commands when the database used is MySQL. The commands are very a great deal readable and clean to understand.