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Developers Continue to Grow Python Usage, Study Finds


One of the maximum insightful indicators of developer sentiment and tendencies is the annual Stack Overflow developer survey.  The 2019 edition of the study was released on April 10, primarily based on responses from nearly ninety,000 builders around the arena. The current international of development is frequently thought to be very fast shifting, though the examine famous that some things don’t trade very rapid, if in any respect. For instance, for the 7th yr in a row, JavaScript turned into identified because of the most popular programming language within the international. That stated, Python use is developing, as is the affection developers have for the open-supply programming language. In this eWEEK Data Points article, we look at some of the critical highlights of the Stack Overflow 2019 Developer Survey. Further analyzing How Apache Grows the Open-Source Software Market Microsoft Offers Accessibility Insights as Open Source… Data Point No. 1: Python is moving up the listing for developer adoption. Among the essential traits recognized within the document is the developing adoption and affection for the Python programming language. 41.7 percent of builders are using Python, which now surpasses Java at forty-one.1 percentage. Python is the second most cherished language at seventy-three .1 percent. Python became ranked by using developers who do not currently use Python as the maximum desired language they want to study. Data Point No. 2: JavaScript is the most widely used programming language. While Python use is growing, at sixty-seven, eight percentage of developers, JavaScript still dominates because the maximum broadly used programming language for the seventh year in a row. However, JavaScript only ranks 11th, at 66. Eight percentage, for being the maximum loved language that developers enjoy using and need to maintain to work with. Data Point No. Three: Rust is the maximum cherished. In the physical, “actual” global, rust is usually now not something that anyone likes. When it involves the most loved programming language, however, Rust came in first at 83. Five percent, accompanied by Python at seventy-three .1 percentage. Go that is an open-supply language at the beginning started by using Google and now at the coronary heart of Docker and much cloud-local technologies, got here in 9th at 67.9 percentage.Developers Continue to Grow Python Usage, Study Finds 1

Data Point No. 4: MySQL is greater famous than any other database. MySQL is the most generally used database at 54.Zero percentage. In the evaluation, MariaDB, which became at the start based totally and forked from MySQL, came in at sixteen. Five portions, which coincidentally is the same usage for Oracle’s namesake database. Data Point No. 5: Developers dread VBA and Objective-C. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) turned into diagnosed by seventy-five .2 percent of developers as being a language they currently use however virtually do not need to maintain the use of, making it the maximum dreaded word. Objective-C changed into ranked as the second one most dreaded language, at 68.7 percent. Data Point No. 6: Developers do not care for blockchain. The blockchain is not a technology; this is particularly well-seemed via the Stack Overflow developer respondents. Eighty percent said they’re not using or imposing blockchain technology. 16.8 percentage stated that blockchain is a “fad.” 15.6 percent said it turned into an irresponsible use of resources.