Good and Bad of powered by Google blogging is basically done by the people who want to live freely and then plan to shift to something where they can get more better than free.If you want to go for free blogging then I would suggest you to use which is good and have owned by Google.There is something good and some bad about blogger that you will get.there are several blogging platform for free blogging and we have choosen the powered by Google to show you some good experience Dba Press.

Let me explain the Good thing about

1. You do not have to pay for hosting as Google providing you the space for unlimited with unlimited bandwidth.
2. Your website will not have the downtime since Google is always up in the current internet world.
3. An easy interfearance where by the knowledge of HTML code you can get the desire design.
4. You Website will be secure as the script is not open to the internet so it will not give benefit to Hacker.
5. All your datas are are being available forever and no need to pay anymore except buying a domain.
6. Blogger also provuides free domain like where “.com,.in,etc) varies according to the Country.
7. Anyone can join for basic blogging and have the power to start a blog.
8. You are not required to have extra knowledge about the coding and all other language as Google inbuilt made the system to make blogging easier.
9. Google is now providing the SEO interfearance to their system where you can add keywords,description and Title for better SEO.
1. You can make money by easily integrating the Adsense of google as it will be automatically adjusted to your blog.

Now let me explain you what bad thing you will face.

1. Google have the right to access and modify the content like drafting,remooving etc.
2. Google have some of the privacy policy,terms and condition which you are required to follow.
3. You are not having full access upon your website as you are required to have upgraded knowledge about the different language of script for getting your own way of blogging.
4. You can’t install any software to make you website in a easy and suitable form of blogging as Blogger does not provide any extra feauture.
5. Each author in your website have to be an Gmail or Google account in order to write in your Blog.
6. You cannot make your website design in a suitable form of look.


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7. You are not having controll over your Link as the link will be determined by only google so you cannot customise your link.
8. Google have the right to suspend your website excluding your domain as your website might get blocked.
9. The domain name for free blogging is too long like where you can get will support your customer that you are in free blogging platform and hosting under Google.
10. You will not have controll over the external and internal links !

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Author: Dustin Padilla

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