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Prevent your blog from getting flagged by Google


All of us know that, Google has a huge list of its policies, terms, and conditions. Some of us are even frustrated with them. Posting on things that against Google’s policies may get your blog flagged or, in the worst case, get your blog deleted. Your blog can even get queued up in the Google’s Flag list when someone reports a violation by your blog.

Google then comes across that report and checks for the violation at your blog, and if it find you violating its policies, it penalized your blog by taking one of the action mentioned below on the basis of the nature of violation done.

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This may have worried some of you there, Do you think Google has flagged you?? Don’t worry, if it has found any violation at your blog, it definitely would have emailed you with the course of action you can take to prevent yourself. Some of you might think that (What can Google possibly do to my blog?)

Google Can:-

Delete your posts: If this happens to you, consider yourself as lucky as some cruel actions are even scarier. Google will only delete the offending post with a warning. But if you continue with your wrong actions, be ready to face the consequences given below.

Flag Your Content as Adult: This means that your viewers can only find you via Google, if and only if they turn there to turn off the family Filter. This will result in a great loss of traffic as by default the safe search is turned on in the browsers.

Make your Blog Invisible: Yes, this is possible when you’re going one on one with the search engine giant Google. Google can make your blog/website invisible in the search results. And only you will be able to find it on search results (when you are logged in).

Shut Down your Blogger Account : If you are one of those bloggers who use blogger’s free hosting provided by Google to spam and publish content copied. Be prepared, as google can shut down your account at any moment.
Shut Down you Google Accounts: If this has been done to your, you are one of those people you is providing illegal services using the services provided by Google.

Report your Crime: This is the worst-case scenario. Google may even report your illegal activities to law enforcement officers. So this is definitely a time for you to pack you bags.

How to report against people violating the policies?

This may sound harsh, but it’s important for making the internet a better place. If you find anyone publishing content containing one of the below:-
• Copyrighted Material
(The Website is containing content that is copied. )
• Violence
(Website is promoting violence/ encouraging people to fight. )
• Gore
(The website host content (images/videos) which are disturbing in nature. For Example, An image displaying a person eating flesh is gore).
• Adult content
(If the website contains pornography, google is surely going to ban in from the safe search).
• Promoting Racism / Ethnic group / Hate against a Religion
( Promoting ill-thought among people in the name of religion or race or ethnic group is strictly discouraged by Google)
• Child pedophilia/Pornography
(Images that display child porn are also discouraged by Google, and the blogger doing this gets his account deleted right away).
• Imposter Impersonating you
(Imposters are criminals who steal the identity of someone else for their benefits. Google blocks sites that have imposters).
• Spam
(Spamming by websites gets caught by Google very easily, by Google’s strict algorithm, which gets updated daily. There is no escaping it.)

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• Privacy Violation

(If a website publishes someone’s personal information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, address, etc. Then the website is bound to get flagged).

• Malware/ Trojan / Viruses

(Website spreading Trojan’s /Malware/ Viruses which stops or effects the normal functioning of the system are banned from the Google search)
Please report to Google. This will make the internet a better place. Do read Google Guidelines before filing a report of a violation. To report a blog for violation, visit Blogger’s Help Canter Section
Report Policy-violators and make internet a better place .

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